Arguably the greatest Kpop girl band in history just silenced their critics as they showed without a shadow of a doubt that their success is not a fluke. TWICE is the crowning jewel of JYP Entertainment and there are no signs of them slowing down. Right now, they are on the way to breaking their own record when it comes to YouTube hits.

For those who aren’t familiar, TWICE is composed of nine beautiful and extremely talented young ladies who are based in South Korea. The group was formed on a reality show called Sixteen (a 2015 reality girl group survival show).

There’s much debate that still exists over who is the leader or the best member of the band, however, everybody agrees they have the best chemistry in the business right now.

The best kpop girl group ever?

So what’s with TWICE’s song and why is it so popular? Kpop songs are a combination of a wide variety of genre developed into one masterpiece. Their music videos also speak for themselves as it contains different cinematic “stories”. The reason why TWICE is on the top of the mountain is because of the nine different personalities that form one harmonious group. 2NE1, Girls Generation and Black Pink are also on that elite stratosphere but nobody can deny that TWICE is now ahead of them.

The new video What is love?

garnered multiple praise from their fans and celebrities. Apparently, the new video referenced multiple movies that changed the landscape in the industry; the writer of The Princess Diaries acknowledges where Nayeon played Mia Thermopolis’s part in the movie. And how about when Tzuyu and Momo recreated the iconic scene in La la land?

Even the must-see dance scene in the movie Pulp Fiction was cited by Sana and Tzuyu.

Now there’s a looming question around the internet if this is the peak of TWICE, however, some kpop experts believe that it's too early to decide as TWICE is still considered new in the industry as they were only formed in 2015. Probably, the only way to prevent TWICE from climbing the charts is for them to stop making music.


The 30 million views of TWICE's What Is Love? is the fastest ever for a kpop group - this is only spanning three days which is basically 10 million views per day. Lastly, the controversy over the group lip-synching has died down already. Late last year, news broke out stating that they have “staged” one of their performance. According to reports, “viewers” saw them singing but the microphone wasn’t even on.