Harvey Weinstein was on top of the world a few weeks ago. He was one of the most successful film producers in Hollywood history, but when dozens of actresses came out to accuse him of sexual misconduct, unwanted advances, and in some cases, even rape, he was fired from his own company and ostracised from the film industry.

He’s now one of the most maligned people in the world and his allegations scandal has started a wider situation where more and more people are coming forward to allege other powerful Hollywood players of sexual misconduct. Tom Hanks has referred to this as “a watershed moment.” Many of Weinstein’s colleagues spoke out in the wake of the allegations to either condemn his actions or deny that they knew anything about it.

But Uma Thurman hadn’t released a statement, because she was waiting to be less angry. This is because when she has “spoken in anger” in the past, she has “usually” come to “regret” it later, so she was waiting until she had calmed down enough to speak properly about the issue. Thurman has starred in many Weinstein productions, namely those directed by Quentin Tarantino, who has admitted that he “knew” about Weinstein’s morally deplorable actions the whole time. These films include “Pulp Fiction” and the two volumes of “Kill Bill.”

Thurman used a still from ‘Kill Bill’ to express anger at Weinstein

In an Instagram post to express her anger at the situation with Weinstein, Thurman used a still from her film “Kill Bill.” It was the opening shot, filmed in beautiful black and white, showing Thurman’s character The Bride driving towards her assassination target with a vengeful look in her eye.

She’s been beaten and left for dead, and now she’s back with a vengeance. This reflects how she feels about Weinstein – she’s coming after him.

After previously telling her fans, “When I’m ready, I’ll say what I have to say...stay tuned,” Thurman came out with a message to her fans that wished them a happy Thanksgiving. She then went on to add, “Except you Harvey, and all your wicked conspirators.” These “conspirators” include Tarantino, who once referred to Thurman as his “muse,” so this is a big deal.

She’s burning all of those bridges and doing the right thing by doing it. She also wrote, “I’m glad [the legal process is] going slowly – you don’t deserve a bullet.”

‘#MeToo, in case you couldn’t tell by the look on my face’

Thurman wrote in her post that she has “a few reasons” for the anger that she publicly expressed recently.

The main such reason being: “#MeToo.’ #MeToo is a trending hashtag for people who have been sexually harassed or assaulted to use on social media, the idea being that so many people will be using it that it should be a wake-up call for harassers to realise the effects that their actions are having on people.

The Weinstein scandal has fortunately marked a time of change in the film industry, with a grand total of sixteen unions, guilds, and other organisations pledging to “to end sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and violence.” Also, the film and television industry of Canada will be outlining a code of conduct that “clearly defin[es] expectations of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.”

Thurman added after the hashtag #MeToo: “in case you couldn’t tell by the look on my face.” This was in reference to the film still she attached to her post, showing The Bride ready for action, driving to see Bill.

Remember how the movie’s called “Kill Bill?” That should give you some idea about how Uma Thurman feels about Harvey Weinstein right now. She said that an “important” thing in these situations is “to take your time, be fair, be exact,” and that’s what she’s done.