Bollywood movie 'Dhadak' starring Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishan Khatter was released across the world on July 20, 2018.

There is an old Indian saying which roughly translated means –The crow forgot his style trying to imitate the crane. This is what happens when you try to shine in borrowed plumes. “Dhadak” is a miserable attempt to recreate the magic of Nagraj Manjule's 2016 Marathi hit “Sairat.” The raw and hard-hitting social, romantic drama which the original Marathi flick represented was severely mauled by the makers of the Hindi remake.

Madhukar (Ishaan) and Parthavi (Janhvi) are teenagers who fall for each other but alas belong to different strata of the society.

This becomes an obstacle in their romantic adventure. They are torn apart from one another. However, they can elope, and the story transfers to Mumbai and then Kolkatta.

Lacks freshness of the original

The original Marathi flick was brimming with freshness and innocence with both the actor and actress relatively unknown. However, Ishaan (One Film old) and Jhanvi (Debut) had been splashed across most tabloids that the audience did not feel they were watching them for the first time.

A good theme which alas is widely seen by the audience

The film follows the original storyline for most of the movie except a few divergences.

The film is set in Rajasthan before it returns to Mumbai and interestingly to Kolkatta. The facet of love trying to survive all odds in a cruel word of pressures of a hypocrite society values coupled with the brutal world of politics makes an exciting storyline. Unfortunately, much of it has been seen by most of the North Indian audience in “Sairaat.”

Watch public response

An untidy screenplay, insipid storytelling and jagged lead performances leave this polished Karan Johar production comatose as if struck with a terminal and fatal disease.

Instead of the down to earth, rustic and lifelike Parshya and Archie, we have the gaudy and plastic like characters which looks heavily made up.

Gone is the undercurrent of fear which runs down the spine of the viewer as he watches the original Marathi blockbuster. The anxiety slowly builds until the terrifying climax which lingers as a tinge of regret for days after watching the movie.

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