Tuesday evening on “America’s Got Talent” saw an amazing couple performing a death-defying trapeze act above the stage. Tyce and Mary are known as Duo Transcend and while their act was amazing, something went wrong that night, as Tyce lost his grip on Mary, sending her plummeting down to the stage.

Their two-year-old son was seated in the audience, watching the amazing trapeze performance but luckily is probably too young to really grasp what happened.

Daring trapeze act goes wrong

As noted by The Sun, Tyce and Mary were putting on an amazing act – they even had fire on the stage to add to the tension as partially-sighted Tyce tossed his wife around while up on the trapeze.

Duo Transcend had totally wowed the judges during their June audition, pushing them forward to try out for the grand prize. They had the audience and "America's Got Talent" judges right on the edge of their seats throughout their performance. The pair twisted and turned in a death-defying performance, with only the trapeze bar there to support them.

While their normal trapeze antics were enough to scare the daylights out of the judges, the accident that happened during their act was the most shocking. As they took their act to the next level, Tyce, who is already blind in one eye from an eye disease, placed a blindfold over his face, ready for the duo’s grand finale.

Tyce hung upside-down from the trapeze bar as Mary got ready to slide down his body as if to fall expecting to be caught and saved at the last moment. Just as Mary did that, however, Tyce lost his grip, which led to Mary sliding down and falling, hitting the stage with a thud. Thank goodness there was a safety mat on the stage, thanks to America’s health and safety requirements.

Everyone screams in horror as trapeze artist falls

As reported by E-News, the "America's Got Talent" judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Mel B and guest judge Ken Jeong, along with audience members screamed in horror as Mary fell, unable to believe what they were seeing. Tyce can be heard clearly asking, “Is she okay?”

As everyone held their breath, Mary finally gets up, standing on the stage and telling everyone she was fine.

Tyce came down from the trapeze bar and hugged his wife, kissing her in relief as the audience cheered them.

But that wasn’t all; to add to the shocking evening and freak accident, Mary then asked the judges if they could try out their blindfolded finale act one more time. Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen and the judges, while giving the couple a standing ovation, couldn’t believe they had asked to try out the dangerous finale act again.

The judges insisted the couple had nothing to prove. Jeong then told them it wasn’t “America’s Got Perfection,” saying it was “America’s Got Talent.” He said no one could do that trick, and everything was okay.

Simon piped in to say that Mary had almost broken her neck, adding the fact Tyce is almost blind makes the act incredible.

Howie then spoke up to say Mary had almost got very badly hurt and her first thought was to let them do it all over again. He said things like that only happen on “America’s Got Talent.” The daring couple did make it through to the next round, despite the almost catastrophic accident.

Watch the amazing trapeze act and the shocking accident as it happened on "America's Got Talent" below.