Netflix is facing a backlash over its new show 'Insatiable' before the first episode has even aired. More than 100,000 people have signed a petition online to stop the show from being released after its trailer left viewers angered by the view it portrayed concerning body image.

After Netflix released the trailer on July 12, it has been met with outrage across social media. The show sees actress Debby Ryan wearing a fat suit and her character, Patty, being mercilessly bullied for her weight before she comes back after the summer break considerably slimmed down.

The trigger for her weight loss comes after she is punched and has to have her jaw wired shut in order for it to heal. After her dramatic weight loss, the main character Patty takes revenge on her previous bullies and rises to new heights by becoming a pageant queen.

Social media has seen widespread anger over the storyline

Vast numbers of people have warned Netflix that it runs the risk of promoting damaging ideas regarding self-worth if it releases the show as planned on August 10.

Beauty vlogger, Nabela Noor, asked on Twitter after watching the trailer 'How in any world is weight loss from a jaw being forced shut inspiring? Do you know what that implies?'.

Critics of the show have argued that it encourages the view that people can only be seen as attractive and become popular if they have a slim body while devaluing the humanity of those who have a larger body shape.

Florence, who started the online petition to stop 'Insatiable' from being aired said that the show implied that to 'we must be thin' to be considered 'a worthy human.' Such concerns about fat-shaming have led people to question what effect the comedy will have on impressionable viewers who might begin to feel shame over their own body shape due to the storyline.

Netflix and stars of 'Insatiable' rush to its defence

Star of the comedy, Debby Ryan, has written an impassioned statement on social media, stating that she was 'drawn to this show's willingness to go to real places' and show 'what it feels like to pray to be ignored because it's easier than being seen.' Ms. Ryan has also asked her fans to 'wait and watch the show before passing judgment.'

Alyssa Milano, who co-stars alongside Debby Ryan, has defended the show, arguing that 'We are not shaming Patty', rather the show is a darkly comic critique of 'fat-shaming' and the damage it can cause.

Netflix has shown no sign that it is considering pulling the show, but the weight of backlash against it and the number of potential viewers pledging to boycott the comedy has left the platform in an undeniably difficult position.