“Mission: Impossible” star Ving Rhames had a scary experience when police officers knocked on his door and held a gun to his head. His neighbours had reported a break-in by a “large black man,” and believed Rhames was the culprit, as he matched the criteria.

The incident happened earlier in the year, but the "Mission: Impossible" star brought it up while speaking on Sirius XM on Friday. He said the police chief did eventually recognize him, which resolved the issue.

Actor held at gunpoint by police

As reported by Mashable, Rhames has starred in “Mission: Impossible” since the Film series started in 1996 and was interviewed on the Clay Cane Show on Friday, where he spoke about the incident.

He said he opened his door and found there was a red dot pointing at his face from a 9mm handgun. Police told him to put up his hands.

Luckily the police chief recognised Rhames and said it had been a mistake. He apologized to the actor, but Rhames was still upset about the situation. He asked Sirius XM, what if it had been his son with a video game remote in his hand and police thought it was a gun?

He said he went over to the neighbour, who lives across the street from his home, with the sergeant and another officer. When the neighbour was confronted about the racism aspect of the call, she apparently denied it.

Rhames said there he was, alone in his own home, wearing basketball shorts and because someone dialed 911 to say a large black man was breaking into their home, he gets a knock at his door, finding a gun pointed at his face.

Racism in America

Rhames told the story after Cane asked him about his experience with racism in the country.

He said he was sure Rhames heard all the stories of black men attacked by police. Cane then went on to say, as a big star, how racism did affect his life.

The story is similar to several incidents in America, including the story of the two men who were famously and wrongfully arrested at a Starbucks, while waiting for a client.

Other incidents involved a black person working out at the gym and others moving out of their short-term rental property.

As reported by the Guardian there was another similar incident in 2009, where Henry Louis Gates, a Harvard profession, was detained outside his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This led to US President Barack Obama inviting Gates and the arresting police officer to the White House for a conversation about racism and the incident.

Besides his role in “Mission: Impossible,” Rhames has also starred in “Dawn of the Dead” and the cult classic, “Pulp Fiction.” He also starred in the 2015 film “Operator,” where ironically his character calls 911.