The Walking Dead” fans will no doubt be in mourning at the news that is going around that Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes in the zombie show, will be leaving. AMC has not officially confirmed the news, but a director of several episodes of the show made an announcement on Instagram. That post has since been deleted, but the news that Lincoln is leaving has been all over social media. Another loss is Lauren Cohan, who plays the role of Maggie.

Andrew Lincoln to leave ‘The Walking Dead’

Rick Grimes has been a major protagonist in “The Walking Dead” right from the very beginning of season 1.

He is a major favourite with many “TWD” fans who will no double mourn his departure. While many cannot imagine the show without the English actor, one director has already stated that the show will continue to be great after Lincoln’s departure at the end of the upcoming season 9.

Season 9 is currently filming, while fans are still enjoying a crossover between “TWD” in “Fear the Walking Dead.” However, before that season even airs, director Michael E. Strazemis, who was involved in 13 episodes of “TWD” since 2014, announced the departure on Instagram.

ComicBook quotes Satrazemis as making a tribute post to Lincoln’s departure, a post that has since been taken down. The post bore a caption to say that many of the cast and crew have spent eight years of their lives working with Lincoln, often hugging, high-fiving or even bleeding with the character Rick Grimes. He went on to say it made “something special,” and that Andrew is one of the greatest men he has ever met, as well as being a friend.

Will Daryl Dixon become the face of ‘The Walking Dead?’

Referring to the show after Grimes’ departure, he said the show will miss him as much as fans will. Strazemis said the show will obviously feel different without Rick in it, but that “The Walking Dead” will continue to be great. He included all who enjoy making the show, creating their “asses off” and even bleeding for Lincoln’s character.

According to sources close to “TWD,” suggestions are that Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) will now get the opportunity to step up as the leading face of “The Walking Dead.”

Maggie Greene to leave ‘TWD’

To make matters even worse, the Metro reports that Lauren Cohan, who has played the strong-willed character, Maggie, since our favourite group met her and her family in season 2. Cohan will reportedly be leaving the show six episodes into season 9. Cohan has appeared in 108 episodes of “The Walking Dead” and has become yet another fan favourite. Her reason for leaving involves her snagging the lead in an upcoming ABC FBI series, “Whiskey Cavalier.”