There is no shortage of royal experts in the UK. Those people have studied and mastered the behaviour, history, and traditions of the Royal Family and are often asked for their opinions on certain matters regarding the royals. In the days leading up to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel, one of those experts was more noticeable than others. His name is Thomas J Mace-Archer-Mills Esq, a plummy-voiced founder of the British Monarchist Society and Foundation, with the outlook of an upper-class Englishman.

But a Wall Street Journal article published on Friday, June 1st revealed that Thomas is anything but that.

He was originally Thomas Muscatello, a 38-year-old Italian-American, born and raised in uptown New York, who became fascinated with England as a young child.

Royal expert called Meghan Markel 'loud' and an 'American'

Muscatello, a.k.a Thomas J Mace-Archer-Mills Esq was very prominent during the days before the royal wedding. So much so, that he described himself in a tweet as the most-interviewed man. And that was no exaggeration. In one of those interviews with a Norwegian TV channel, the Guardian quoted him as saying that being a royal is about “keeping integrity, keeping formality and making sure that the traditions and heritage that we have as British people remain at the forefront."

In another interview, the Guardian also quotes him as warning Meghan Markle not to upstage the existing members of the royal family.

He said, “She is loud, she is American, she fights for her cause. We don’t do that here.”

Muscatello has always been obsessed with England

But who is Thomas Muscatello? According to the Wall Street Journal article, Muscatello has loved England since he was a small boy and developed his British accent early in his life, primarily by visiting the UK.

He began developing his persona, Mace-Archer-Mills when he realized that he identified more as British than American and is said to have finished conversations by saying "God save the Queen."

Muscatello has lived in England since he was a teenager, and since then he has made a name for himself by covering the royal family. He is the editor of the bi-annual Crown & Country Magazine and has also published a book of cocktails, entitled "Their Majesties' Mixers."

The Guardian reported that Muscatello responded to the Wall Street Journal article by denying some things that were presented as facts. He felt that the journalists did not "adhere to the facts or their integrity.”