What a great day to be alive indeed, especially for avid ‘Doctor Who’ followers. As reported a few hours ago, the showrunners are now giving everybody a chance to watch episodes starting from 2005 onwards. This is a big leap and a great decision as it will lure old and new fans to discover what the show is all about. Also, the rerun is not limited to the main episodes, but also includes a mini-episode like “The Night of the Doctor”.

BBC's biggest surprise yet

During the span of 13 years, we were able to witness four exceptional Time Lords. It was also the era where the great debate on who is the greatest ‘Doctor’ of all time started.

The names included are Peter Capaldi, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston. The debate isn’t over, but Peter Capaldi is ahead of them all. Capaldi who is commonly known as the "12th Doctor” brought out some flavour in the series. On the other hand, the “13th Doctor”, Jodie Whittaker is already taking the backlash from several fans. They are still baffled about her being selected as the heir apparent of the throne.

The reruns are now available as of today. Since there’s no confirmed air date yet for the new season, this might last between September - October. Historically speaking, the timetable presented is plausible since most of the production work is almost finished. The producers are tight-lipped about the storylines and the number of episodes that will be produced.

Also, there’s a major change when it comes to the costume of the “13th Doctor”. The very reason is to project a more suitable outfit for the very first woman “Doctor”.

Several shows added on the list

The BBC iPlayer isn’t only focused on ‘Doctor Who’ reruns. They’ve also announced a few more shows that can be seen any time of the day.

The biggest of them all is probably the “World Cup”. For those who aren’t familiar, BBC iPlayer is a streaming site that can be viewed on multiple platforms such as Smart TV, laptops and even mobile phones. This is similar to NetFlix and YouTube. It was actually a great initiative from the BBC to do the reruns for "Doctor Who", not only are they going to get more viewers but this would help them gain more customers using the BBC iPlayer.

There were several reports that some users are having a hard time accessing some of the shows, but BBC acknowledged and have made a quick fix. Is it available in United States or Canada? Yes, however, the rate may vary as the website implies.