Controversy flared over “13 Reasons Why” in both season 1 and season 2. The subject matter involves rape, bullying and teen suicide and many believe the show could encourage teens to do the same. Season 2 also included school gun violence, at a time when many teens are taking guns to school in America and killing teachers and fellow classmates.

However, despite criticism, Netflix on Wednesday announced the renewal of the show for a 13-episode third season. Their short teaser trailer was posted on social media and the YouTube version is included in this article.

Showrunner and producers of '13 Reasons Why' to remain the same

The Independent reports that Brian Yorkey will return as the series showrunner, while executive directors Joy Gorman, Kristel Laiblin, Mandy Teefey, Selena Gomez, Tom McCarthy and Steve Golin will be back. However, one original and featured star, Katherine Langford, revealed recently that she will not be back to the show as Hannah Baker following season 2. However, all other main stars will appear in season 3.

The news of a renewal of the show will be controversial and will no doubt be criticized for the subject matter. However, Netflix ratings have been high for “13 Reasons Why.” Both previous seasons featured subjects like school bullying, drunk driving, teen suicide (in gruelling and graphic detail) and gun violence.

The latter subject matter was particularly criticised due to the recent spate of tragic and deadly shootings in American schools. As reported by the Daily Mail, word is that filming could begin in June 2018, even though the show is only slated for 2019

'13 Reasons Why' and mental health

Mental health experts believe the controversial show could affect teens negatively, most especially any youngsters with suicidal thoughts.

Season 2 saw various title cards on the screen giving advisories and warnings about the graphic content. A PSA video is also now included on the first episode of every season of “13 Reasons Why.”

The plans for season 3 were discussed by Yorkey during a "Netflix For Your Consideration" panel last Friday.

He pointed out that Hannah’s suicide would always be the main part of the ongoing story. However, the balance of the show deals with young people and how they can learn to heal from what hurts them at school. Yorkey continued by saying they will then learn ways to make the future world as they want it to be and how to look after each other during troubled times.

The teaser trailer for “13 Reasons Whyseason 3 is included below and is scheduled to air sometime during 2019.