Lady Gaga is almost unrecognizable in her role as Ally, who Bradley Cooper’s character, Jackson Maine, encourages to get up on the stage and sing. The new movie “A Star Is Born,” is also directed by Cooper and the trailer arrived online on Wednesday. Even better, while we already know Lady Gaga has an incredible singing voice, it turns out Bradley Cooper isn’t that shabby at singing either, as he does his own vocalisations [VIDEO]on stage, all the while directing the movie himself.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sing together on stage

Bradley Cooper reveals that he is a talented singer in the new movie “A Star Is Born,” alongside talented singer Lady Gaga.

Gaga looks very different, with a dull brown hair colour and little makeup. The trailer arrived on social media on Wednesday and is included at the end of this article.

In the trailer, country music star, Jackson Maine, meets up with Ally (played by Gaga) and discovers she is also a talented singer. While she is reluctant to sing in front of the huge audience, Jackson encourages her to get up on the stage to reveal her beautiful and powerful voice.

As noted by E! News, Gaga took to Instagram last year to say how excited she was about her exciting new role in the Film.

She said that while making her first ever movie, she was so lucky to be starring with her friend, Bradley Cooper, going on to praise his abilities at singing, directing and acting in the film. She said she couldn’t wait for audiences to see the epic, authentic and beautiful love story. Gaga added how grateful she was to Cooper for making her dream come true.

Bradley Cooper explains how terrifying it was to sing live

Bustle reports that the first trailer for the film has arrived on YouTube, where it is revealed that besides acting, Cooper is also a talented director and singer. In April, Cooper spoke to Robert De Niro at the Tribeca Film Festival. He said it was Lady Gaga who encouraged him to sing in "The Star Is Born," adding that she hated watching films where the actors are obviously lip-syncing to pre-recorded musical tracks.

So while the movie relates to Cooper’s character encouraging Ally to sing on stage, it turns out the reverse was also true of the movie.

Cooper went on to say that singing live was a terrifying experience and that he totally relied on Gaga. He took vocal lessons for around a year and a half, prior to making the film.

What is 'A Star Is Born' all about?

The movie tells the story of country music star, Jackson Maine, who takes a talented singer, Ally, under his wing. Jackson is experiencing a difficult time in his life when he hears Ally sing and falls for her right away. He asks Ally if she writes her own music, and she says yes, but that she doesn’t sing her own music live. Ally tells Jackson that people like the way she sings, but that they don't like the way she looks.

To this, Jackson replies that he thinks she is beautiful. Their story is a love story, until Ally’s music career suddenly takes off, badly affecting their relationship.

The Warner Bros. film, “A Star Is Born,” will be released in cinemas on October 5 this year. Enjoy the official trailer below.