Danny DeVito is well known for his sense of humour and when he found out Allison Closs had taken a cardboard cutout of him to her prom, he just had to do something.

Nearly a month later, DeVito had a photo taken of himself on the set of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” with a life-size cardboard cutout of Allison in her prom finery.

Prom photos go viral with cardboard cutout of Danny de Vito

It was back in May that Allison Closs, a 17-year-old high school senior in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, posted a video of herself to her YouTube channel, explaining that she couldn’t get a date for the Carlisle High School prom, adding that as she couldn't get a date with a real human, she bought one, on Amazon.

Posing in her ruffled, blue prom dress, she then showed a cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito, which she had embellished with a matching boutonniere for the prom. The Independent reports that images and video footage of the DeVito cutout went viral and it took around a month for DeVito to respond to the favour. 73-year-old DeVito had a cardboard cutout made of Allison in her prom finery and posed next to it in the bar on the set of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

DeVito’s cutout of Allison goes viral on Instagram

Rob McElhenney, DeVito’s costar, posted an image of DeVito posing with Allison’s cardboard equivalent on Instagram.

In his caption, McElhenney said he had heard Closs had taken a cardboard cutout of Danny to her prom, adding that by coincidence. DeVito had taken a cardboard version of Allison to Paddy’s Bar.

Allison was shocked and thrilled to see the image and responded on Twitter, thanking the actors. Her tweet has now been liked more than 42,000 times.

Closs said she was “shooketh,” and went on to thank McElhenney and DeVito for the fulfilment of her dream to visit Paddy’s Pub, featured in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

The New York Post quotes Allison as saying her experience at the prom with DeVito, followed by all the attention on social media, has become the highlight of her school year.

It turns out it if hadn’t been for Amazon having a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito on sale, this memorable cardboard date might not have happened. She said she had considered several potential cardboard prom dates, one of which was Bill Nye the Science Guy.

She ended up buying DeVito because his cutout was the cheapest. However, Closs did add that DeVito has treated her the way a woman should be treated, possibly referring to the current #MeToo movement and its revelations.