Auditions on “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday night revealed several talented contestants. One of them was Samuel J. Comroe, who has been a standup comedian full time for the last ten years. The comedian has Tourette syndrome and while that might possibly hold some people back, in Samuel’s case, he has embraced his condition and jokes around the subject while performing a heartwarming comedy performance.

Tourette syndrome and comedy on ‘America’s Got Talent’

It was recently reported that a 13-year-old British girl, Courtney Hadwin, had received a standing ovation and Golden Buzzer on the popular talent show.

That same night, Samuel J. Comroe stood up on the stage to deliver a comedy skit which had the audience and judges in stitches.

Following close on the amazing win by Lost Voice Guy, Lee Ridley who has cerebral palsy on “Britain’s Got Talent,” it was great to see yet another “disabled” comedian doing the rounds on "America's Got Talent." As noted by People, Howie Mandel asked Samuel how long he had been doing standup comedy, to which he replied he had been doing it full time for 10 years. When his eye started twitching, Howie asked if he was nervous, but Samuel replied, explaining that he has Tourette syndrome and that his head also occasionally flops around, telling Mandel that if you see that, it is “kinda cute.”

When asked what his future might hold, Comroe said that appearing on “America’s Got Talent” was a great opportunity, adding that he had recently had a baby girl.

Samuel is hoping that his life as a standup comedian with Tourette syndrome will teach his daughter to embrace differences in life and to overcome any challenges throughout her life.

During his skit, he explained to the audience about his twitching eye and how it sometimes gets him into trouble, because it looks like he is winking at people.

He also joked that when he was 10-years-old, his parents sent him to "Tourette’s camp." Samuel said that he discovered that when other people twitch, it makes him twitch even more. It ended with 100 kids, all in a circle, rolling their heads and twitching together, while their parents believed they were "break-dancing."

Samuel’s performance is in the YouTube video included here.

Four 'yeses' send Samuel J. Comroe through to the next round

As reported by Yahoo News, Comroe was visibly moved after his appearance and when all four judges gave him a resounding “yes,” he was thrilled to know he would be advancing to the next round of “America’s Got Talent.”