Well, this might sound like a broken record, but after nine years, Drake and Rihanna are still in the news. The year was 2009 when the Carribean Queen and 6th God first met. As reported, their meeting was unexpected. Nobody thought at that time that they will have an instant connection, but it did end up in “fireworks”.

Both were scrutinised by the media when multiple photos of them doing couples things crowded the internet. RiRi was interviewed first about the real score between her and the Canadian Rapper. However, she diffused those rumours and stated numerous times that they are just friends.

On the other hand, Drake was more vocal about their status. During an interview with XXL radio, he answered 20 questions and all of his answers are somehow linked to RiRi.

Drake's love is beyond the lyrics

In 2010, Drake dropped one of his top-selling albums Thank Me Later which includes the song Fireworks. The lyrics are all about their first meeting in a Lucky Strike bowling alley. At that time, he was confused on whether or not he will go all in with Riri. After a few months, she also released a new song titled What’s My Name in which Drake was featured. The Music video has some scenes that normal “friends” don’t do in real life which again raises the question about their relationship.

After a couple of years, they are still going at it with no label on their rumoured relationship.

They’ve already collaborated in countless songs and performances and still no validation about their personal brand. Then suddenly, their “relationship” turned dark when Drake released No Lies which is a direct link to Rihanna. It is still unclear why Drake did it, but according to some insiders, he knew something about her that didn’t live up to his expectation.

Breezy vs 6th God

Who could forget that splat he had with RiRi’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. He stated that the brawl happened because of her. Multiple arrests and damages were reported. Chris Brown shared a picture on his social media about the result of the bar fight. Drake answered with a track which is directly attributed to Brown.

Although he didn’t admit it the first time, he finally did when the issue went from bad to worse.

Fast forward to 2014 at OVO festivals in Toronto, the 6th God performed with the Riri’s picture as the devil with a flaming 6-6-6 symbol. Two years later, they were spotted in Los Angeles shooting a new music video. The song was called Work. The lyrics were explicit and when they performed it live during the BRIT’s, it was labelled “racy”. This was the same year when Drake opened up about his feelings for Rihanna in the MTV VMA’s night.

No love

After a few months, the “couple” split and Drake were seen with another Rnb Superstar in the name of Jennifer Lopez. Their relationship didn’t last long and Drake penned another song serenading the Carribean Queen.

Today, Rihanna made it clear that she is neither friend nor enemy with Drake. "We don't have a friendship now, but we're not enemies either... It is what it is," she says in an interview for Vogue‘s June issue which was published online yesterday.