Honestly, if WWE and its Chairman of the Board said that they will turn Nakamura into hell, WWE Universe will absolutely reject it. Shinsuke Nakamura was never put in that predicament where he will be the enemy. However, WWE’s magic seems to work. Whoever saw the great potential of Shinsuke being a heel deserves a raise.

The 'King of Strong' style's new theme

Say goodbye to the “The Rising Sun” anthem and let us all welcome “The Shadow of the sun” theme. The sudden change is actually fitting considering that Nakamura is now tagged as the best heel superstar in WWE.

It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen in the greatest stage of them all which is "Wrestlemania." The Phenomenal AJ Styles should also be given some credit due to the way he sells and counters Nakamura’s antics.

Is the “Shadow of The Sun” really better than “The Rising Sun?” It really depends on what the fans' perception is. If they cannot accept the fact that Nakamura is now a heel, then the original theme is better. But if they like the change that happened, then “Shadow of the Sun” is considered on the Top 10 Heel Song List for a WWE Superstar.

The original beat, the violin, the Japanese harmony is still there, but it is “darker?” As a heel, it is a must for WWE to create a music where it imposes power, fear, and annihilation.

The great thing about it was that the WWE Universe can still sing to it. It has some Japanese lyrics, but the rhythm and hymn are still the same. The drumbeat and the power chords made it edgy. Currently, it has 974K hits on YouTube and it will surely close out to a million at the end of the day.

The rematch

The Greatest Royal Rumble which is strongly advertised by WWE will have several matches.

This could also be the perfect time for Shinsuke Nakamura to dethrone The Phenomenal AJ Styles and become the new WWE Champion. Their Wrestlemania Dream Match isn’t that great and according to some insiders, they purposely did it since the character building wasn’t enough. At that time, the WWE Universe was divided as two “faces” of the franchise are battling in a single stage.

Shinsuke has reinvented himself, which makes him more deadly. It is no secret on why he is called “The King of Strong Style”. As a “face,” he shows respect and class every time he wrestles. Things are a little bit different now. He showed his vile, devilish dark side which younger viewers don’t appreciate. Well, except, for the WWE fans who have watched wrestling since they were a kid.