Hulu has previously released teaser trailers about the upcoming psychological horror show “Castle Rock.” Those tempting teasers have kept Stephen King fans on the edge of their seats. Now a more detailed trailer has been released, giving more insight into the upcoming series, which will be released in July this year.

‘Lost’ actor narrates the new trailer

Narrated by “Lost” star Terry O’Quinn, who is definitely perfect for his role in the TV series, we are told that everyone has a theory about how it all started. He introduces us to the town of Castle Rock’s original sin.

In his spooky and ominous narration, O’Quinn asks if it was the Puritans who settled in the town or was it the town’s mills, where the people got rich “scraping God’s Earth until it bled.” Not saying who “he” is referring to, O’Quinn then asks if that was when the person in question turned his back on Castle Rock.

The town of Castle Rock is paying for past sins

The narrator then goes on to say that whenever it all began and whoever’s sin is responsible, the people of the town of Castle Rock are now paying for it. He states that the town is trapped in a cycle, one that stretches back over the centuries.

According to O’Quinn’s character, there is blood in everyone’s house and their backyard. While the people deny it was them that caused it, they state it was the town itself and apparently they are right to say that.

Spooky trailer gives tempting hints for the series

The trailer, released on YouTube on 2 May is still a little vague about the story, but we see several terrifying images, including a man holding his gun to his head.

We see a sports mascot jumping off the roof of a school building. Next, we see Hollywood actress Sissy Spacek in the shower, hiding with a knife in her hand. We see one of the characters visiting the well known Shawshank Prison and interviewing a very familiar person, previously seen in the latest adaptation of King’s horror tale “It.”

Several of King’s novels are represented in the Hulu series, which is being produced by JJ Abrams for Bad Robot productions.

Castle Rock is well known to King’s constant readers from several of those novels. The show will touch on “It,” “The Dark Half,” the rabid dog horror story “Cujo,” “The Body” and will obviously include references to the short story, “Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption.”

The previous teaser trailer noted various locations and hinted at famous characters from King's novels, including Pennywise, Danny Torrance from “The Shining,” Mr Jingles and John Coffee from “The Green Mile.” There are also hints about the horrifying novel “Misery.”

As reported by the Independent, besides featuring Spacek and O’Quinn, the new original series will star André Holland, Bill Skarsgard, Melanie Lynskey, Scott Glenn and Jane Levy.

Hulu will be releasing the first three episodes of the series “Castle Rock” on 25 July 2018. When further episodes are planned to be aired is currently unknown.

Enjoy the trailer for “Castle Rock” below.