June’s Humble Monthly's main game has been announced and it is sci-fi shooter, "Destiny 2." You can get "Destiny 2" and a bunch of other unannounced games for $12 (£9~). This is a huge saving compared to how much it usually retails for, plus you get lots of other potentially interesting games, too.

'Destiny 2'

While "Destiny 2," has had its fair share of flak for not living up to what fans wanted this deal is still getting you an amazing FPS. It might not be the best game ever, but it is still a damn good title. The base game of "Destiny 2" includes an epic campaign, several PVP modes and the ever famous raids and strikes.

You can easily sink hundreds of hours into the game and struggle to see everything the game has to offer.

"Destiny 2" originally released back in October, 2017 for PC and slightly earlier for console users. The Humble Monthly code will provide you with the PC version only, so if you are an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 owner, then you are out of luck. Since its release, there have been several updates and expansions that build on the experience the base game offers.

"Destiny 2" sees players shooting aliens, collecting loot and unleashing fantastical powers upon their enemies. Players will shoot their way across the solar system and can battle with friends in various multiplayer co-op modes. If you want to take on your fellow guardians, then you can always participate in some of the PVP modes.

The rest of the game’s in June’s Humble Monthly will be revealed at the end of the month, but you can unlock "Destiny 2" early by subscribing to this month’s bundle. Last month subscribers got their hands on "Kerbal Space Program," "Ruiner," "Dead Rising 4," "Knight Club," "NBA Playgrounds," "Crazy Machines 3," "Jalopy," "Moon Hunters," and "Running With Rifles."

Humble Monthly subscription

If you are an active subscriber to Humble Monthly, then you also gain access to their Trove of games.

This includes all the Humble Originals games and a range of other DRM-free games. As part of their Star Wars Day celebrations, Humble added several Star Wars games to the Trove. This included "Star Wars Rebellion," "X-Wing Alliance," and "X-Wing vs TIE Fighter: Balance of Power."

If you want to subscribe to Humble Monthly, then there are several options including monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, and yearly subscriptions.

Each gets cheaper the longer you are subscribed, with the yearly subscription getting you a free month.

If you find yourself enjoying "Destiny 2" through this bundle, then a new expansion, Warmind, is dropping on May 8th. Which promises to add a new story mode and a wealth of other new content to the game.