After countless years and various distractions, the idea of having a biopic for the band Queen has come to life. Ranked as one of the Top 10 Rock Bands of all time, Queen is truly an enigma in the industry. If we are talking about the Queen, we have to talk about their lead singer, the charismatic Freddie Mercury. He might have left us way too early, but nobody can question his legacy.

The legendary band

There was once a myth about mixing some elements of theatrics and rock music. The vast majority said it is not possible and will be disastrous for the industry - that was until Queen and Freddie Mercury entered the scene.

Apart from having a three-octave vocal range, Freddie was fascinated by theatrics. It was a big gamble on their part to do it in an era where rock was considered as dark music. They literally changed the perception of the community, thus being named as one of the originators of the rock ballad.

Rami Malek feeling the pressure

The trailer has is just a minute and 30 seconds long, but it encompasses what Queen was all about. It starts with Freddie Mercury conducting the ecstatic crowd and then features an exciting collection of moments from this great movie. This biopic shows scenes from their greatest live performance at Live Aid 1985. By the way, Rami Malek, who is commonly known for the hit series " Mr Robot" plays the role of Freddie Mercury.

He already mentioned before that depicting Freddie Mercury is a huge honour, but also a great challenge in his young career.

Back to the trailer, which is currently trending on social media platforms and streaming website, it is obvious that their musical influence still runs today. Kudos to the producer and director of the Film as they were able to include each and every hit single from the band in a span of fewer than two minutes.

How great is this band? Regardless of any genre, race and nationality, this legendary band were able to hit the radio waves and are still being imitated by so many bands today. All of their albums have gone platinum and had multiple hit singles.

Release date

Regarding the release date, there was no timeline or specific date yet, but there’s a rumour brewing that they might do in on September 5.

Why September 5? It is the birthday of Freddie Mercury. Also, have you noticed that in every sporting event, whether it’s basketball, football or soccer they always play the song “We are the champions”? It is because it is widely considered as a national anthem of sports already and that says so much about Queen.