Arc System Works’ beloved fighting series latest instalment, “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle,” is heading to Europe on June 22nd, 2018. It will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Players can get an early feel for the latest game in the series as there will also be an EU online beta and offline demo. The online beta runs between 18th to 20th May and will include 20 playable characters. The offline demo will feature four lead playable characters and runs from 21st May to the game’s release date, 22nd June.

What’s new in ‘BlazBlue’

In the latest “BlazBlue” game, players will be taking part in 2v2 fights.

The game was created from the ground up for this specific feature. However, it still retains the same 2D fighting experience, visuals, animations and quality of previous games. Players can tag between characters in real-time and swap between them mid-battle and combo.

The game is exactly what the name sounds like. It combines the characters from four of Arc System Works other games - “BlazBlue,” “Under Night In-Birth,” “Persona 4 Arena,” and “RWBY.” This brings these characters together for the first time and allows players to experience a whole new story mode where they can watch them interact.

Players can form teams of their favourite fighters from across all three games and watch as their varied anime fighting styles collide.

If you are a fan of any of the franchises included in “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle,” then you will get to enjoy them in a whole new game. The game will also be featured at the EVO 2018 as part of the main lineup, so it is clear that this is intended to be an esports fighting game. It will be featured alongside the likes of "Tekken 7," "Street Fighter V Arcade Edition," "Dragon Ball FighterZ," and many others.

Other Arc System Works games

Arc System Works also created the hugely popular anime fighter “Dragon Ball FighterZ,” although it doesn’t look like any of those characters will appear in this game. Arc System Works has a rich history of creating well-crafted, highly regarded 2D fighting games.

The game will also include online battles where players can climb the ranks while fighting people from around the world.

There is a full tutorial system to help new players learn the gameplay mechanics and allow them to enjoy everything this game has to offer.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” releases on June 22 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The beta runs between 18th-20th May, and the demo is available from 21st May - 22nd June.