Pop music icon Madonna is set to bounce back in style with her first single in three years, after the recent announcement that ‘Beautiful Game’ will be released soon. The original ‘Material Girl’ has backed up her pledge by adding what appears to be accompanying artwork on her social media platforms, with imagery having played a key part in the promotion of her songs over the years.

Crown of thorns imagery

Fifty-nine-year-old ‘Madge’ wears a crown of thorns in the picture, with the title of the new song shown above her to provide an obvious link.

It also indicates continuity with the look she portrayed when performing ‘Beautiful Game’ live on stage at this month’s Met Gala in New York.

Collaborated with Mirwais again

Madonna has reunited with a familiar face for her new material, with the French producer Mirwais once again being called upon to assist her with the final product. He had previously collaborated with the ‘Queen of Pop’ on former successful albums such as ‘Music’ and ‘American Life’.

Met Gala performance

Besides the rather prickly headpiece, Madonna once again demonstrated her flair for the theatrical by adding a religious overtone to proceedings at the Met Gala, as she was accompanied on stage by a choir wearing monks’ robes.

It was in keeping with the glitzy annual event’s theme of ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.’

The multi-million record selling superstar also wowed fans with her surprise appearance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art event by reaching back into her enviable back catalogue, as she performed ‘Like A Prayer’.

That track proved to be a massive hit in 1989, topping the charts globally but also courting some controversy in its message and video content along the way.

Controversial past

The popular (at least with music critics and her fans) "Like A Prayer" song offended some groups at the time of its original release, with a central theme about an emotional young girl who was in love with God and makes him the only male figure in her life.

It was the accompanying video that led to the most discontent among family and religious groups though, as it included Catholic symbols such as stigmata, images of a Ku Klux Klan-style cross burning and even a dream featuring the kissing of a black saint.

It outraged the Vatican to such an extent that they condemned the video and there were protests by others about its broadcast, with many people boycotting products by soft drink manufacturer Pepsi to demonstrate their strong feelings. Pepsi had utilised the song in one of their commercials but decided to cancel the sponsorship deal with Madonna after the bad press.

Working on a new album

Whilst Madonna’s most controversial years may be behind her, she still has something to add to the cosmopolitan music industry of the current day it seems. She has been working on her 14th studio album in her stellar career and keen to engage with her fans has been providing regular updates via social media on her progress.