Smouldering action man Tom Hardy is sporting a severe haircut for his latest film - the English actor has shaved his head ahead of his portrayal of the legendary gangster Al Capone. He plays the lead role in the Josh Trank directed movie ‘Fonzo’ which began shooting this week in New Orleans.

Talented line-up developing

‘Fonzo’ still has some way to go before its scheduled release at the end of 2018, but the early signs look promising with Linda Cardellini playing Capone’s spouse Mae. The experienced Matt Dillon and Kyle MacLachlan, along with rising British star Jack Lowden, also feature in a strong cast.

Capone’s post-prison years

The anticipated storyline suggests a challenging role lies ahead for Hardy as the film follows the later years for the man nicknamed “Scarface”, after spending 8 years in prison for tax evasion. The demons from his violent criminal past come back to haunt him as he begins to sense the early signs of dementia setting in.

Tough acts to follow

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Robert De Niro (‘The Untouchables’), Rod Steiger (‘Al Capone’) and Ben Gazzara (‘Capone’), Hardy will have plenty of previous film depictions of the notorious mobster to draw inspiration from should he need them.

Constantly seeking variety

However, the 40-year-old London-born star is rapidly building up an enviable back catalogue of his own experiences in the acting profession.

Variety seems essential to his progression in the arts, as Hardy seems to effortlessly navigate his career path between film, television and theatre roles. Not that acting is the only string to his talented bow though, as his interests have also extended to the creation and co- production of the 2017 BBC One drama series ‘Taboo’.

Enviable list of film credits

From his encouraging film debut back in 2001 in the Ridley Scott war film ‘Black Hawk Down’, Hardy has hardly had time to draw breath ever since. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for ‘The Revenant’ and avid movie fans will also remember starring roles in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ and ‘Legend’, where he played both Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

Marvel Comics’ film released in 2018

‘Fonzo’ won’t be Hardy’s only major film release in 2018, as fans are already eagerly looking forward to ‘Venom where he stars alongside Michelle Williams (‘Manchester by the Sea’, ‘Dawson’s Creek’). The superhero vehicle - based on yet another popular Marvel Comics’ character - will see the versatile actor play Eddie Brock, the host to an alien symbiote that provides him with incredible powers. ‘Venom’ is expected to be released in the United States on October 5th.