There have been leaked videos of the new Xbox Avatar system. It is going to give Xbox One owner's far more customisation for their Avatar than they have had previously.

The leak came in the form of a YouTube video that has since been removed.

While the original video has been taken down, nothing is ever truly gone from the internet. Twitter user @IdealSloth1984 shared the preview of the new Avatar system.

It showcases some of the major changes and improvements.

E3 2017

This latest update to the system was teased back in E3 2017.

Microsoft showcased a trailer that detailed some of the features we can expect from the update. The release of this new system was delayed to early 2018, but from the video, it looks like it should be dropping soon.

Originally, there was a rumoured Career system that was going to be tied to these Avatars. However, there is no news on whether this is becoming a reality. Windows Central has said that the Career system would allow players to gain experience and level up their profile. This would, in turn, allow them to gain loot boxes containing cosmetics that could be used on their Avatar.

Through the January report, it stated that these loot boxes were only obtainable through levelling up and not purchasable with real-world money.

However, in the leaked video we can see that there is a section for purchases.

We can see that there is a far higher level of customisation for the new system than the old one. Players Avatar’s look more like real people and each item that they are wearing has far more detail than the old version.

2008 saw the first set of Avatars added to Xbox systems, so they have long been due a reinvention.

The new ones will bring the Avatars into the current generation of consoles and give players something new to customise for their Xbox One.

As there has been no up-to-date news on the Career system, it might never come to fruition. However, we can see from the leaked video that not everything for the new Avatar system will be free.

The uses

Once you have created your new Avatar, they will be able to sit on your Xbox dashboard, feature in your profile image and feature in any Avatar compatible games. This means that they are going to do pretty much the exact same things as the previous Avatars.

There was a report by The Verge saying that employees at Xbox already have their new Avatars. Xbox Insider Program members will also gain access to the new system before it is released to the public.