A new DLC character for the popular "Dragon Ball Z" fighting game, "Dragon Ball FighterZ," has been revealed. This was announced officially by Bandai Namco. The latest character to join the game is Fused Zamasu, the fallen Supreme Kai. He will be available for players on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Fused Zamasu is a villain from "Dragon Ball Super." He is the fusion of Zamasu and Black Goku through the use of Potara earrings. He is the first major villain from the "Dragon Ball Super" series added to "Dragon Ball FighterZ."

Fused Zamasu costs

Fused Zamasu will be available to download as part of the season pass owners package.

We do not know how much he will cost if bought individually yet, but the previous DLC characters, Bardock and Broly, cost $5 (3.59 pounds) each. Following this logic, then Fused Zamasu should cost the same.

"Dragon Ball FighterZ" is a 2D fighting game in the same vein as "Street Fighter." It was developed by Arc System Works of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear fame. It incorporates all of the special moves featured in the classic anime and manga series. Players can throw punches and kicks as well as shoot beams and perform a swathe of other special attacks.

The game itself has a long and in-depth story mode as well as a uniquely created character. Players can fight across this story mode with its unique story, fight one another over the internet or grab a friend for some local battles.

The game has impressively rendered 3D visuals, 3v3 battles, and enough crazy attacks that even if you aren’t a fan of the anime or manga, you will enjoy this game.

Zamasu will be the third DLC character

Fused Zamasu will be the third DLC character released and follow the previously mentioned Bardock and Broly. Both of these Saiyans were added in March and, like all of the other characters in the game, have their own distinct and unique fighting style.

Bardock is a close-range fighter with powerful rush attacks. Whereas, Broly’s attacks are slow but incredibly powerful.

Bandai Namco has promised another five DLC characters for "Dragon Ball FighterZ." They have yet to officially announce who they will be, but there is plenty of speculation. Among the most wanted characters are the likes of Mr.

Satan, Kid Goku, Caulifla, and Raditz. Only time will tell which characters will make it to the game. However, it doesn’t look like Bandai Namco or Arc System Works intend to stop supporting this game any time soon.

You can pick "Dragon Ball FighterZ" up on either the PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.