When the news started circulating the internet, the WWE Universe especially Alexa’s fans were divided. Half of them thought that “The Goddess” doesn’t need any boob job while half of them wants to see the result of the procedure. The rumor started when the first ever Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion wasn’t included in the WWE South Africa tour.

Recently, she was defeated by her former best friend Nia Jax and lost her precious WWE Raw Women’s title. During ‘Monday Night Raw’, instead of Alexa accompanying her mentor Mickie James, she was “backstage” watching and cutting a promo about Nia Jax being a bully.

This started speculations about her being injured but it is not the case.

New photos posted by Bliss

Then the five feet of fury posted pictures and snapshot of her in a bikini. The picture was not edited or tampered as it was shot and uploaded in a couple of minutes. It is very visible that she went under the knife. However, yesterday on Raw, she was part of the 10 women tag-team main event which doesn’t add up with the boob job speculations. Wrestling Observer Radio stated that the reports was actually true but it was only a “minor surgery’. This is also the main reason why she was wearing shirt and her performance during the match was subpar.

Few hours ago, Bliss again posted new sexy pictures which definitely confirms the rumor about her.

It was a close up picture which believe was made in purpose for the fans to appreciate her new set of rack. The multiple champ was also asked on her social media accounts about the surgery but she haven’t answer any of those questions.

The rumors are actually true

As mentioned before, this is not the first time that a WWE Diva made some upgrade on their chest area.

Throughout the years, there are at least more than 10 WWE Divas who went under the knife and Alexa Bliss might be the biggest name of them all, except for Stephanie McMahon. Is the rematch going to happen? Like what she said the other night, her plan is retain the title through hell and high water.

Nia Jax is towering her in almost any category but Alexa has her numbers.

Being small doesn’t mean that she is not capable. There’s a reason why she is the very first to hold both Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion. Legions of fans see Bliss as the second coming of Trish Stratus. For those who are not familiar, Trish Stratus is the barometer of Women’s division back in attitude era. Despite her being "new" in the business, Bliss is on a historic pace as she is now regarded as the face of the women's division in WWE.