Now that Dragon Ball Super has concluded the Universe Survival Arc and put the series on hiatus for the time being, all eyes are looking ahead to the December 2018 Movie. So far, all we have seen is a small teaser trailer showing Goku facing up against a new foe. Akira Toriyama, the series creator, has stated that this new movie will look deep into the history of the Saiyan race. As you can imagine, this has sent the internet into a frenzy as everyone comes up with their own fan theories about what this might mean and who is going to be the movie's villain.

Let's take a look at some of the most interesting fan theories out there. (There will likely be a few spoilers for the end of Dragon Ball Super, so you have been warned).


YouTuber MasakoX did an incredibly in-depth video about Yamoshi and the possibility that he is Goku's latest foe. Yamoshi is the original Super Saiyan that was described all the way back in the Frieza Saga of Dragon Ball Z but was later touched upon during the Battle of Gods movie and anime arc. He became the first Super Saiyan God and attained this form the same way that Goku does prior to his second fight with Beerus. Yamoshi might have fallen through time or been brought to the present day through some other means, but he could be the next challenge for Goku to overcome.

Yamoshi was trying to rid the world of evil Saiyans and this could easily be his motive for fighting the Saiyans of Universe 7 as he tests them to see if they are worthy. MasakoX even goes on to say that Yamoshi might not be the real villain of the movie and could end up joining our heroes in their fight.

Erased Universe Saiyan

Reddit user SlaySalvery had an idea it might be a Saiyan from one of the erased Universes (Universes 13-18). Android 17's wish in episode 131 was to wish back all of the erased Universes and this might have included 13-18 as well as those who participated in The Tournament of Power. This new enemy could be some sort of Saiyan from one of those Universes or potentially a God of Destruction from there, too.

It would stand to reason that they would draw from what happened at the end of Universe Survival Arc when planning this latest movie.

New Primal Saiyans

Another Reddit user, Nellow131, suggests that everything that has happened in Dragon Ball Super has been building towards preparing Goku and Vegeta to face these new 'primal' Saiyans. Nellow131 suggests that they were hidden or imprisoned but were inevitably going to escape and that Whis has been training Goku and Vegeta so that they can defeat this new threat. These Saiyans were imprisoned because their 'power was limitless and unstoppable' and even the Angels couldn't hold them at bay. This might relate the above theory about Yamoshi and he might have even had a hand in helping lock away these Saiyans.