"hearthstone" is a hugely popular digital card game by Blizzard Entertainment. The game’s director, Ben Brode, recently announced in a forum post that he is leaving Hearthstone.

Brode has long been the face and driving force behind "Hearthstone." He has been a part of the game since the start and is beloved by fans of the game. He would constantly interact and talk with the community and this has led to his departure leaving many fans in dismay.

Bode has been with Blizzard for nearly 10 years and has finally decided that he needs to leave the company to pursue his own goals.

This has led him to create his own company.

In his forum post, Brode wrote that he is at a time in his life where he is able to take a risk and develop his own company. He went on to say that the new company will likely be developing games, but that nothing has been decided yet. He looks forward getting down to programming, designing and creating new things again.

Brode was the face of Blizzard

Since Brode has been the figurehead and recognisable face of the game, it will be difficult for Blizzard to replace him. However, Brode has tried to reassure fans that Hearthstone will be fine after his departure. He stated that he believes that he gets far too much of the credit and that the 80+ people working behind the scenes go a long way to making "Hearthstone" the success it is today.

He continues by saying that he believes that the game is in the good hands and that he can't wait to see where his successors take "Hearthstone" in the future. This should help calm nervous fans who believe that Bode's leaving will cause the quality of "Hearthstone" to dimish.

Bode’s leaving could herald in a new dawn for "Hearthstone".

Without him at the mast, the game might make changes for better or worse.

Even though his leaving Hearthstone will be felt by fans far and wide, a singular positive is that we can look forward to brand new games by the man who was once the face of one of the most popular games in the world. Fans might miss his face from this card game but can look forward to it gracing a potential future release.

What is 'Hearthstone?'

"Hearthstone" is a card game where players duke it out to be the last one standing. They cast spells, summon monsters, and build powerful decks. Plays can battle each other, take part in challenges, or tackle a single player mode. The game constantly updates, events and new expansions. The game is set in the same Universe as the also hugely popular "World of Warcraft." It is available to download for free on PC, iOS, and Android.