After countless hours waiting, the word and the baby was finally out. It was reported earlier that Kate and the Royal Family was already in the hospital which caused chaos outside the hospital. There were more than hundreds in attendance waiting for any news regarding Kate’s delivery. Exactly 1101 hours, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 8 lbs and 7 oz.

Baby name

Regarding the name of the new born baby, it is still in discussion. There was a poll created prior to The Duchess giving birth and the two names on the list are Albert and Arthur.

According to the British oddsmakers, this name is tied to history and it is only fitting that these are the top two choices. So who was exactly present at the hospital? The lovely Queen Elizabeth, The ever charming Prince of Wales, The Duke of Edinburgh, and other family members were all present.

More babies to come?

People report that Prince William is ecstatic about Kate’s delivery. This will be their third baby in their ever-growing family. The Prince was asked before about possibly having more babies. He just laughed about the question but he also hinted that it could be a possibility. April 23 now marks not only the birthday of their third baby but also made a mark in history. So what’s next for the royal family?

For now, they are taking a rest after a day full of surprises.

The royal wedding

Then there’s the royal wedding of Prince William’s brother. Currently, the wedding of the year is on schedule. Everything is already set in place. Actually, prior to Kate giving birth, it was reported that the security bill for the wedding is now at £6 million.

Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding was more formal, and cost an estimated $26 million, (18 million pounds), according to the List.

How about the wedding dress?

Of course, the most talked-about dress in the world right now is Meghan's. How will Meghan Markle look like in her dress? Who designed the dress? How much does it cost?

Well, they’ve been pretty good at keeping that information close to their chests.

However, there are rumors that Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham is on top of that project. On "The Late Late Show with James Corden," the excellent host tried to make Victoria spill some beans. He wasn’t successful with his attempt but, there was key information that was leaked in correlation to his question.

This year is all about the royal family with their new baby and newlyweds. What a time to be alive, indeed. Lastly, regarding the place and the expected crowd at the wedding, it will be special as some members of the public have also been invited.