Glastonbury headliner Ed Sheeran wants to branch out into the movies, judging by recent comments about a potential biopic of his life. The flame-haired musician fancies emulating the likes of Eminem’s gritty film "8 Mile," but with the backdrop shifting from Detroit to Ipswich to reflect Sheeran’s hometown during his childhood.

Sheeran stores up soundtrack material

In a recent candid interview with Q magazine, the Sing crooner claimed that he wanted to “have an "8 Mile" moment but "8 Mile meets Notting Hill.” This provided a tantalising insight for his fans, Sheeran hinted that he already had “loads of songs about Ipswich that haven’t come out” and offered up the possibility of a future soundtrack featuring them.

He may, of course, have just been letting his imagination run riot and has been known to make comments on the spur of the moment, although there have been rumours that he met movie chiefs after his Glastonbury success, fuelling the possibility of upcoming film projects.

Not quitting Twitter

Sheeran attempted to clear up a misunderstanding of his own making through the medium of the "Today" show in America earlier this week. In reaction to the suggestion that he had recently quit using Twitter, he informed host Matt Lauer that he hadn’t meant to imply that at all. Although he was aware of negative comments about him being made on the social networking service which of course he wasn’t best pleased about, he was equally adamant that he would continue to post updates to his fanbase in there in the future.

Love him or loathe him?

He may not be every music fan’s cup of tea – indeed there were many dissenters when his headliner status at the recent Glastonbury Festival was divulged – yet Sheeran’s popularity in terms of record sales is far less controversial. The bubbly 26-year-old’s latest album "Divide" has topped the charts across the globe, including his homeland, with hits such as "Castle On The Hill" and "Shape Of You" adding to his blossoming back catalogue.

Bizarre suggestion

Clearly also possessing a dry sense of humour, the pop star is never short of a witty remark or two and a desire to do silly things. After becoming an MBE at the Queen’s Birthday Honours this year, he conjured up an interesting image by suggesting that he would love to “take a herd of sheep over London Bridge.” The slightly Bizarre reference was made after Sheeran revealed “Stephen Fry got freedom of London” with one of the perks of that honour believed to be the sheepherding privilege.