#iDrum artists Dan Abbott and Ben Henderson picked November 24, Black Friday to give their passionate show in #Leicester. As the sun went down, they moved from one street towards under the clock tower, where pedestrians carrying various shop bags gathered in front of these two enthusiastic drummers. The next day, another drummer David Buckingham join them in #Brighton, attracting many to stop and watch them along the sidewalk.

One week after, the first weekend of December, these guys travelled to #South Wales to entertain pedestrians in #Cardiff and #Swansea.

I started to follow this group of drummers' Facebook page since I came across them in Leicester. Fans around the UK have expressed their love for iDrum's fantastic street drumming via the online community.

iDrum's next show

When asked about their next street show, iDrum said they were going to play in #Frinton this Friday, December 8. The next date would be December 16. Since there is still one week to go, where to play on that date is uncertain, if it is not #London, I believe those lovely drummers will update their schedule via their Facebook page in time.

It is fairly common to come across street musicians here in many UK cities. For many musicians, street performance can be regarded as one of the most effective ways to reach their audience.

Among them, iDrum aim at entertaining, they exist to make people laugh and dance in their daily lives. Apart from a number of cities in the UK, iDrum also toured to some European cities back in 2013. They have recorded their Europe tour on their website, which is undoubtedly a wonderful memory.

However, since many musicians always tour around the country, sometimes it is hard to follow a local show if people pay little attention to gig or musician communities online.

In the past, radio and a variety of Music magazines used to be the main channel for people to get to know artists signed by the major labels. Today, many other channels such as streaming playlists, social media, street performance have been added to the ways we discover music and musicians of all kinds. As iDrum bring a fusion of dance tracks and live percussion into the street, somehow there is no need for us to find them, instead, we come across them, making it a special, happy day.

Meeting iDrum during Christmas time

Christmas is coming soon, considering that iDrum usually have their street show during Christmas holiday, pedestrians will not feel surprised to run into them in a random city in an early evening. Here is the video shot when iDrum performed at #Carterton Christmas lights Fair in 2012:

If you are really curious about when and where to enjoy iDrum's amazing live performance, follow them via Twitter or Facebook, they definitely can bring you a happy Christmas.