It's been 7 years since this EP made its debut. Having been recorded, mixed and mastered (all tracks, except Eye the Con, which was mastered by Ross Fink) at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, South Africa, what one could probably say about this EP is that it may have been ahead of its time.

There seems to be much talk about icons these days

What with Jaden Smith having just recently released his version of an 'Icon' tune. There have been quite a few mixed reviews, reactions and thoughts about Jaden Smith's latest release, but one thing is sure, the 'Icon' theme is definitely not something new.


It has indeed been done - time and time again.

Check out this break-down for his video, with Jaden Smith explaining the track, as well as the lyrics to the video too - here it is:

What's your take on the new image that Jaden Smith portrays in his track? Do you think he captures what he has been trying to convey in this 'Icon' track?

Back to 7 years ago, and the original Eye Con EP

Besides from that little side-tracked moment, what is important about this entertainment piece right here, is that, as with so many independent artists (who's daddy is not the ol' famous Will Smith), often times their heart-art is quite simply overlooked, rendering the time, energy and love put into conceptualizing, implementing and ultimately releasing it to the public, somewhat obsolete.

So, why not take a bit of time to check out somebody who perhaps it's just another somebody, making something, out of nothing, into maybe what another somebody might deem as beautiful, thought-provoking, or even just entertaining. Or maybe another somebody might just not like it at all? However, give it a go nonetheless.

Check out Lithal Li's only music video off of the Eye Con: The Lithal Li EP, and see if you agree that it was a few years ahead of its time.


Here are the lyrics to the music video, 'Crow Grow.' Again, this is the only music video made for this EP debut. The song chosen for the music video is 'Crow Grow' - the love track off of the EP.

Lyrics to 'Crow Grow'

"Vs1:Rustling in riverbed reeds, plush lush scenes of divinityUshering in feelings untapped -- seeking contentment: ensues, unwraps.Ravished by light unfolding: fire burnt bright, scolding...Been made blissful seek -- new, untouched run of luck: lacklustre mode seeps...

Bridge: Free-flowed into blessed mental mode Synchronized in mind, body and soul.Spirit uplifted in a phase of whole. Wholly seeking this feeling to just stay -- remain for days...

Vs1 cont: A time for more, a time for growth --all implicitly laced.This joy will not be stolen -- it is within!In the healing waters of life -- source inherent catalyzed! By a kindred next -- a soul that connects, and sees and knows...

Bridge: Free-flowed into blessed mental modeSynchronized in mind, body and soul.Spirit uplifted in a phase of whole.Wholly seeking this feeling to just stay -- remain for days...


Hook: Say you'll stay a while, take time for yourself...To let go, just let flow. To grow, grow and grow... Oh -- say you'll stay a while, take time, sip tea a while. We'll talk about the trees, the moon, the stars -- Philosophies of ancient dreams, We'll discover galaxies inherently - how it links me to you and you to me... Say you'll stay... say you'll stay As crows crow -- let's grow, grow, grow...

Vs2: Sick, slick, slaying sayings -- eradicating, fresh-Li laying...Killa, illa, really a feeling...ready rhyming, steady climbing...Higher heights high, smile-grin-in-wide -- why?Military tactics, stealth semantics -- creep slow on these phat licks --And the beat kicks --Feel the sweet mix of soothe-toned brass notes swoop on past boats, on tides of winged hope - now afloat in a place where time transcends the space once known...My mind's in a warp -- when I close my eyes, so tantalized...


Bridge: Free-flowed into blessed mental mode Synchronized in mind, body, and soul.Spirit uplifted in a phase of whole.Wholly seeking this feeling to just stay -- remain for days..."

Music: Crow Grow by Lithal produced by BMG (aka Krusnik)Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Red Bull Studios, Cape Town.

You can search online for a free download via soundcloud. Enjoy!

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