Julian is one of the actors who can get nice opportunities to play in action, crime genre films, as he told me he thinks its because of his look, people even told him his look can give them chills. Then there is no surprise that he has a lot of experience in playing a troublemaker. He appeared in Max Payne: Retribution, Soldiers of Embers and one of his favourite projects is the film Lethal Game where he appeared as an agent Trust. Julian also revealed he doesn't mind if he plays this kind of roles as a Bad Guy. He told us about his future plans as an actor and how he wants to extend his versatility and step into all different genres and widen his skill set and abilities.

Fighting skills

Sabina: Julian, I heard you have a lot of fighting skills. How did this help you with acting roles?

Julian: It helps as a lot of films currently involve fighting and firearm usage, so to have a decent background and knowledge can save on production costs from the offset. Also when working with likeminded trained actors it ensures a safe environment considering what it is you are actually doing.


Sabina: When did you realise you want to be an actor?

Julian: I have always been interested in TV and films from a young age but my career path and life just did not go in that direction. Then a few years ago an opportunity arose for me to work on Wolf Hall and then The Legend of Tarzan and my life turned around and now following my dreams and goals.

Best film projects

Sabina: What are your best film projects to date?

Julian: Now that’s a big question. I really enjoyed Max Payne -Retribution as the cast and crew were so professional and polite, but one of my favourites was probably The Lethal Game as I got to create and develop the character as the dynamics of the film changed.

Crime genre films

Sabina: In what kind of genre are you most successful and why?

Julian: I seem to get cast a lot in gangster/crime style films. I honestly believe it’s because of my eyes. I get told my stare can give you chills.

Plans for the future

Sabina: What are your plans for the future?

Julian: For the future, I am looking to extend my versatility and step into all different genres and widen my skill set and abilities.

I am currently in talks with a Norwegian director about flying over there to film a few films actually. A role I am really looking forward to though is playing Private Harry Blount in upcoming film Eleven written and directed by Rock Salt.