Hanane told me more about her presenting experiences ranging from TV, live, radio and voice overs. She lives in London and works globally, she also presents her own tv show called "Living the Life," which can be seen on both the Sky and Virgin Networks. Starting out as a presenter in Dubai, Hanane gained a lot of experience here and said she felt "lucky and blessed" to get the opportunities she had allowing her to now choose between the projects she wants to work on.

Presenting was a job for me

Sabina: Hanane, can you tell us about your TV presenting beginnings?

Hanane: When I was a young child, I always wanted to be a singer. Very early on I realised I couldn’t sing and accepted that fact but enjoyed the idea of a mic in my hand! As I loved to talk, loved to ask questions and research, it was inevitable that Presenting was the job for me. Although I didn’t pursue my Presenting passion, it always played on my mind and one day whilst in Dubai, a friend told me about an English speaking channel that had launched and was looking for Presenters. I immediately made my way to the station and practically demanded to speak to the manager and here I am today as an international presenter!

Opportunities to travel

Sabina: How did a role of a presenter change your life?

Hanane: Presenting has given me opportunities to travel to countries and cities I have never thought to entertain. It’s allowed me to see the World and all its beauty several times a year which wouldn’t happen if I was in a 9-5 office job. And, of course being a part of conferences, award ceremonies, corporate ventures and a magazine-style TV show, I get to hear and learn of things that I may never have.

Sabina: What are your best projects to date?

Hanane: I have been so blessed that there are many to choose from! From Presenting for a pharmaceutical company in Cape Town, South Africa to Presenting the World Travel Awards in Dubai, UAE and meeting and mingling with Royalty and dignitaries in Portugal whilst Presenting for one of Europe’s most philanthropic events, Le Bal de Riviera.

The latter I would say has to stand out as the best because I was honored in presenting the Princess of Morocco, Lalla Salma to the stage and being part Moroccan origin that was a true privilege.

Presenting a TV show

Sabina: Can you tell us a little bit more about the Bal de La Riviera?

Hanane: The Bal de la Riviera is the most comprehensive philanthropic weekend event of Europe. They are the most extraordinary social event of the Iberian Peninsula; they propose also sports (Riviera Golf Challenge), culture (Riviera Talks and Riviera Art) and celebrations (Riviera Awards).

Sabina: Do you have any interesting Film or TV projects coming up?

Hanane: I’m currently presenting a magazine-style show called Living The Life and can be viewed on SKY 806 and VIRGIN 838. It’s a live evening show and is exciting as I never know what to expect!