"Stranger Things 2" (the creators the Duffer Brothers think of it more of a sequel than a second season) premiered on the binge-watching platform Netflix on October 27th, 2017, only four days away from Halloween.

Before you continue reading my full Review, make sure you've caught up because this article contains spoilers, so a Spoiler alert is in effect.

When we last saw the Hawkins Indiana gang, their world had just been turned upside down (literally) when friend, brother, and son Will Byers had gone missing after a game of Dungeons and Dragons with his friends.

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Season 2 opens with the Hawkins kids

Dustin, Lucas, Mike and fresh from the Upside Down, Will Byers headed to the arcade to try to beat their high scores in Dig Dug and Dragon's Lair.

After getting annoyed that Dustin can't claim the top spot from someone called MADMAX, Will gets flashes of the Upside Down and a giant shadow monster who seems to want to hurt the town. Meanwhile, Hopper ignores a conspiracy theorist rambling in his office about the weird goings-on in Hawkins (he seems to be the only person who is actually on the ball) and investigates infested pumpkin patches.

Joyce dates radio shack employee Bob Newby ("The Goonies" alumni Sean Astin), juggling the truth with him and taking Will to his various Hawkins Lab doctors appointments.

Will is having what Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) calls "episodes" or flashbacks, but Joyce and Hopper aren't buying it. They think the men at the lab are still hiding something, even though they insist that Dr. Brenner is dead.

Back at school, Nancy continues to date Steve but finds time to hang out with Jonathan. New kids Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and Maxine 'Max' Hargrove (Sadie Sink) make a splash as the new bully and tomgirl respectively.

Max catches the attention of Lucas and Dustin, who spend the season fighting for her affection, while Billy antagonizes Steve and his step sister.

But the real question is, where is Eleven?

Last time we saw her, she and Mike had just kissed before she destroyed the Demogorgon and vanished. Luckily, we learn early in the season that Eleven made it out of the Upside Down and eventually found her way to Hopper's cabin, where she stays in hiding until he deems it safe for her.

She visits Mike in her mind every day but never makes contact with him. I know I'm not the only viewer waiting for every episode for their reunion.

This season dove deeper into the characters psyche. Poor Will is put through the wringer again, this time being taken over by the shadow monster. Noah Schnapp really gets a chance to debut his acting skills this season after only being present briefly last season. He fits in seamlessly with the rest of the ensemble.

Steve is also a character we see develop from last season into a reliable and tough ally for the group. His baseball bat with nails comes in handy, as does his hair advice to Dustin.

The season takes a surprising turn with episode 6, which sees Eleven venture out of Hawkins to find her sister, another girl who was experimented on in Hawkins lab.

Their relationship is complicated, both girls having powers but only one seeking revenge. When Eleven decides to separate herself from her sister and head back to Hawkins, we all breathe a sigh of relief, though a spin-off with Eleven and Eight wouldn't make me upset in the least.

The season ends with the Snow Ball, a school dance filled with cheesy decorations and awkward dancing. We see Lucas get the girl (Max), but Dustin doesn't do too bad after Nancy decides to dance with him and give him some girl advice (that advice being, girls this age need to grow up.) Will even gets a little attention from a classmate! But the tears really started flowing when Mike and Eleven dance together after another near-death adventure for both of them.

Finally, they kiss again (eep!). But it wouldn't be Stranger Things without impending doom. The season ends with the shadow monster still looming over Hawkins after we assumed it was defeated.

Final thoughts on Season 2

"Stranger Things 2" was addictive and I couldn't wait to start each episode. The new characters were interesting and adding a bit to the story without feeling like they overwhelmed anything. It gets darker, as explained by the cast.

This show continues to be a treat for lovers of the Sci-Fy genre. The build-up each episode is maddening and has the viewers itching for the next episode. The Duffer Brothers have said they intend to do at least one or two more seasons. But with the main kids growing up, I suggest they get on it sooner rather than later.

Jumping back and forth between the grown-ups Hopper and Joyce, the teenagers Nancy, Jonathan and Steve, and the kids gives every viewer an age to relate to and love.

Overall, "Stranger Things 2" was a worthy follow up to a fantastic series.