While we may not have the Foo Fighters or Coachella on our doorstep, the Music scene in South Africa is a growing and thriving place, and there is much to be found in terms of legendary rock and party pop. So here is a list of the top five South African musical acts you should have on your radar right now.

Medicine Boy

Even though the duo's stage presence is anything but spectacle, they draw you in with a sonic experience that envelops you in sound and sensation, the bass tingling your every nerve. Medicine Boy's second album, Kinda Like Electricity, oscillates between calm and chaos.

They're simply untouchable in the celestial marriage of synth and guitar.


Although I missed their set this year at our largest annual music festival, #Oppikoppi Festival, the band were a sight to behold. Tecla Ciolfi of Texx and the City says: "This set is world class, the amalgamation of multiple instruments and tempos controlled brilliantly by Jean-Louise Parker and her husband Alex Parker. Jean-Louise’s vocals and stance smack of Imogen Heap circa Frou Frou; pristine and lulling.

Rubber Duc

They're fun, they're energetic, and they seem like they're taking the mickey out of everything. But they're also the nicest guys and make really cool music. Unapologetically local boys telling rather rudimentary but relatable tales of being a dude in South Africa, Rubber Duc can be described - as bassist Amiel Gopal says - as the "lovechild of Mango Groove and Mumford and Sons".

They are indeed a lot of fun.


This woman is fantastically ghetto funk, charismatic, eclectic, and unconventional. Full of flamboyant melodies and semi-broken beats, Moonchild is nothing short of a full-blown entertainer. She's also quite outspoken about being a survivor of sexual assault and is an icon to black women in South Africa for her assertive powerful attitude and outlook.

Ruby Gill

She wrote and produced her first album at the tender age of 14, and now her newest album, Older, is capturing South Africa's hearts with soulful singer-songwriter vibes. Ruby Gill is a mixture of indie, folk, and pop with guitar or piano forming the backdrop to personal stories of her life. Her voice is the main instrument in her raw and honest storytelling.

A special mention goes out to The Near Misses, who are the self-proclaimed Worst Band In Joburg (TM). The band is made up of a few misfits who just happen to play instruments and they have played just about every roach-infested club Johannesburg has to offer. Just listen for yourself.