Foo Fighters fans have plenty to celebrate after their favourite band wowed Glastonbury over the weekend. Those not able to witness their vibrant display in person at the annual musical extravaganza can at least console themselves with Dave Grohl’s suggestion that the “biggest pop star in the world” collaborated with them on their new album.

September’s release of Concrete And Gold may be a few months away, yet frontman Grohl acted as the rock group’s publicist as he eagerly divulged they had utilised the services of a number of talented guest artists on the record.

To fuel the speculation as to their identities, in recent interviews he hinted that “some of them will really surprise you.”

Secretive Grohl

Hoping no doubt to encourage fans to rush out and buy or download the new material, he added (the biggest pop star on the planet) “sings back-ups on one of the heaviest songs on the record”. Grohl did become more reticent though when prompted on just who he had been able to add to the credit list, stating “we are not telling anybody who it is".

Their main focus on Saturday night, however, was on their well-deserved headline slot down at Worthy Farm, as Glastonbury’s revellers finally got to see the boisterous American band in the flesh at the famous festival.

Avid music followers may remember that the supergroup had been scheduled for an appearance back in 2015, only for Grohl to break his leg shortly before the event ruling them out of the star-studded line-up. The star singer was in full flow at that previous gig in Gothenburg, Sweden when he fell off the stage and ended up in plaster.

To delight and fully engage

Now happily recovered from that setback, Grohl bounded around the Pyramid Stage over the weekend to delight and fully engage with the crowd as the rock band belted out songs from their full repertoire over a lengthy musical career. Memorable tracks including Best Of You, Learn To Fly and These Days were included in the popular performance.

The crowd responded in kind, with one man getting carried away as he cavorted fully naked on the shoulders of a friend while enjoying the show, his uneasy display going viral as a result.

Grohl was even able to apologise for being “about two years late” as he slightly tongue-in-cheek commented that it had been down to bad traffic at the time.

Any apparent disappointment that fans had experienced was quickly washed away on an energetic night of pure rock genius, capped by an explosive finale featuring Times Like These.