Okay, hands up who has been counting down the days for season 2 of 'Stranger Things'. Yes, us too.

Few details have been revealed about the fate of our favourite Hawkins Town residents, however, there have been some heart-pumping trailers released to leave us wanting more as we see Eleven making her return.

Now, just in time for Halloween, we re-join Will, Eleven and the gang.

There is a new after show

For the die-hard fans, Netflix has announced a very thrilling treat in the form of a new after show, hosted by the actor Jim Rush. Just like Thronecast, it will examine each episode with the cast and crew.

Viewers have been warned not to watch the after show until they have finished watching the full season, to avoid spoilers.

Before you settle down for a sofa denting binge, what do we need to remember from series 1?

  1. 12-year-old Will goes missing and his friends begin to look for him after enlisting the help of the strange Eleven (Millie Bobby) who has powers and has recently escaped from a government lab.
  2. It is revealed Eleven was trained to spy on the Russians by Dr Brenner and her henchman who soon begin to hunt her down. Will’s Mum’s Joyce played by Winona Ryder struggles with her son’s disappearance and discovers she can communicate with him via electricity.
  3. The friends along with Will’s Brother and Mike’s Sister join forces after their friend Barb disappears. They find an alternative reality they call the Upside Down where Will is being kept, alongside the blood feeding Demogorgon monster.
  4. Joyce and the Police Chief Hopper (David Harbour) enter the Upside Down to rescue Will while the gang lure the Demogorgon and try to kill it. However, it reappears in the same place they have been hiding Eleven and Dr Brenner has now tracked them down.
  5. Eleven kills the majority of the henchman and suddenly disappears with the Demogorgon leaving the gang wondering if she will be back.

New characters

Not only do we have a new after show to obsess over but also some brand-new characters have been revealed via trailers and cast members.

Sadie Sink plays ‘Max’ which eagle eye viewers will see the first episode ‘MadMax’ is likely to be named after. Billy (Dacre Montgomery) also joins the gang. Joyce has a new love interest played by cult classic Goonies actor (Bob Newby).

With the multiple questions we all have been asking will we finally get the answers we are looking for?

Where has Eleven been? Is the Demogorgon coming back with her? Is Will really okay since being in the Upside Down? Can the gang really move on after events?

And the most important of all…

Is there really enough Eggos to get us through what promises to be a nail-biting season 2?

Available to watch on Netflix now.