For centuries, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson have captured the imaginations of audiences around the globe. No matter how sticky the situation seemed to get Sherlock always stepped in with an ultimately logical, yet, at the same time surprising solution. Leaving the audience wondering how they didn’t see it first.

This uncanny ability to make us see what was so blatantly right in front of our eyes was the main essence of Sherlock’s brilliance, hence the popularity of the detective's phrase, it’s all just “elementary.” No doubt the modernised version of the world’s only consulting detective adventures released back in 2010 was destined to be a sure-fire hit.

Finally, a re-make that enhanced the story instead of ruining it

One imagines fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle breathe a side of relief that unlike other remakes, and despite the modernisation, for the most part, episodes and story lines have stayed true to the original. This dedication to stick to the plot, with updated characters and locations, have well paid off.

Even Sherlock’s own resistance to sentiment and emotional self-control would be growing weary waiting for the next season to begin….

The suspense-filled plots such as; Moriarty finally dead and then being catapulted off the edge of our seats upon the discovery that Jim could have possibly survived blowing his brains out and that fall off the roof.

If that wasn’t sufficient to keep an audience's attention for years to come, the reverse effect of only having a few episodes per season seems to be doing the trick as well.

Clearly, Messrs Gatiss, Moffat and Thompson seem to be doing something right.

Could season 5 be in the mix?

Stephen Moffat has all but neither denied nor confirmed the possibility of a fifth season, “The ratings were extremely good so I guess they'll ask us again, and then we'll have to see first of all if we have three films we want to make, and then if Benedict (Cumberbatch) and Martin (Freeman) have the time, schedule and inclination.” Clearly, if this statement is anything like what we have seen in the past the possibility of the Baker Street boys making a comeback shouldn’t be discounted as out of the question.

What could we possibly expect?

Truly the skies the limit with a baby and possible love interest being thrown into the mix. Could the Sherlock and Molly (aka Sherlolly) ship finally set sail? Combined with little Rosie Watson, well let’s say it’s never a dull moment at 221B.