Jumanji is back. I want to be brazen enough to say that everyone knows Jumanji, or has at least heard of it right? Or am I being too liberal with my words?

It seems I might be as now there is a remake of the 1995 classic starring Robin Williams in which the world that is the film’s namesake spills onto the quiet streets of a New Hampshire town, causing havoc after a bored brother and sister find a board game in the attic of their new home.

Now for all the ones of us who saw the original movie we all know that Jumanji was a board game right? Well now it apparently isn’t as our vividly remembered board game is now in this new 2017 remake a video game.

Yes, four high school students get sent to detention to clean up a basement and while they are hard at the work, one of them finds the video console for Jumanji.

"You don’t just play Jumanji – Jumanji plays you"

They decide to play it and get sucked into the game only now they are the characters of the game and not themselves, okay they are themselves but they are using the bodies of the characters in the game. The characters in the game include two actors who are doing continual work together on movies, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart alongside Jack Black and Karen Gillan

Despite it’s star-studded cast, the preview of this upcoming Movie left some people in bad taste, some stating the bad experiences that happened during the original screening of the movie with one tweet stating that the individual was told by his parents that they were getting divorced, with others stating that there can only be one and the original 1995 version takes it.

Is Hollywood's idea pool shrinking?

Hollywood has for years been accused of running out of content as it has been remaking old movies a lot. The remakes plus the novel adaptations seem to be what’s keeping the film industry lights on. While some fans undoubtedly hate the fact that the do these remakes, others actually like them.

It’s important to note that they do have a service in which they provide, and they ate targeting a certain market that is not necessarily full of people who have already watched the original versions of the remakes. They are actually our to get new fans, and try to retain as many fans as possible, so as to keep their business going, well at least that’s my take on it.

I am one of the people who are looking forward to this film, I find myself with a certain peculiar curiosity. I’d like to see what they have planned out in this film scheduled to be released in December.