Comedic superstar Kevin Hart sells out stadiums with his standup comedy, draws in hundreds of millions of dollars in worldwide box office figures every year, and has tens of millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. He’s so famous that it makes Dave Chappelle jealous, according to his latest Netflix special.

Hart recently gave an introspective interview to Variety for their cover story of today’s edition. He attributes his success in show-business to his success in physical fitness. He claims this gives him the chops “to give 100%” in his life.

Hart is promoting three upcoming films

Hart has three big films in which he has starring roles coming up. He’s been promoting “Captain Underpants,” the animated adaptation of the kids’ book series for which he provides the lead voice as George, coming in June, his reboot of “Jumanji” that he’s starring in with his “Central Intelligence” co-star and possible Presidential candidate Dwayne Johnson, and “Untouchable,” the dramedy remake of the French Film that he’s starring in alongside “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston, which will be released in 2018.

In addition to his hectic movie schedule and insane, rockstar-like standup tours, Hart is also about to publish his first book, “I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons.” The point of the book is to show Hart’s personal life, from his substance-abusing father to his failed first marriage to his upbringing in Philly, which he usually mines for comedy, in a more serious light.

With the book, Hart wants to show “there’s more to me.”

Hart also attributes his success to watching his valiant mother’s work ethic as he grew up. Despite the fact she had to raise him and his brother on her own, Hart says she was “constantly pushing to be the best version of herself,” and that inspired him. It was she who believed in his standup career and agreed to pay his rent for a year while he worked the comedy club circuit and got his name out there.

This was an investment that paid off, since her son is now worth over $100 million.

Hart doesn’t want stardom – he wants an empire

Kevin Hart’s main focus in his career is not to be famous or rich (despite the fact he can sell out a 70,000-seat football arena and command a $10 million paycheque) – he wants to build an empire and be a mogul. According to his manager Dave Becky, Hart wants to be “comedic Oprah.” When asked if he ever plans to retire, Hart said he intends “to have this energy forever,” but fears that he might “get tired.”