From the Dialogues to his Look, Shahrukh Khan's Raees is creating a huge opening scenario for the movie

Bollywood audience has given SRK a double thumbs up for his gangster look in his upcoming movie 'RAEES'. shahrukh khan toned down his role's negative trait. Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan amended the script in order to tone down the negativity of his character in RAEES. Niya Bhai's character for SRK was a bit more negative than normal and if he had played the role as it was, it may damage SRK's 'Hero' presence in the film.

Shahrukh Khan made the decision to be accepted by his fans and it seems to be a good one too.

However, the decision to minimize the negativity of his role is actually contrary to SRK's personal desire because he likes such roles, but his image and identity keeps him away from such characters.

Sonam Kapoor Ready to Make Realationship Official

Sonam Kapoor and her boyfriend Anand Ahuja will be announcing their engagement with mutual consent of both families. Sonam is currently in Amsterdam with her boyfriend who will be the prince of Bollywood sensation. Both the families will be present in the engagement ceremony of Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor.

This is what is publicly known to everyone that Sonam is on holiday and chilling with her Boyfriend Anand Ahuja in Amsterdam these days. These days Sonam Kapoor is tagging her love in each of her posts on Social handles like Instagram and Twitter.

A few days ago Sonam posted a photo on Instagram with a ring that was gifted by Anand confirms their relationship that was publicly discussed in India and Kapoor's fans all around the globe.

Love Birds will announce the story soon

Now Its not just among Love Birds because both families are also willing to carry out this relationship to an official engagement ceremony that will be held soon.

Official announcement from Sonam will be announced as early as she comes back to India. Previously a blunt reply was given by Sonam to a question about her relationship.

Sonam has never talked about personal life in her ten year career in Bollywood and this time still there are rumours that she still wanted to keep it personal. Well, the next few days will clear the scene as she will be home.