We all know that Kartik is currently being blamed for Akshara’s death in “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”. Naitik even kicked him out of Singhania house because of the same while Kartik kept pleading his innocence. The biggest twist in the entire scenario is that even the police officials have found evidence which goes to prove that it was Kartik who killed Akshara (Hina Khan) knowingly or unknowingly. The drama is now ready for the next twist, post Hina Khan’s exit from the show Kartik ‘s(Mohsin Khan) character was made out to be a suspect to say the least but it is all about to change now.

Kartik's father helpless, Naira asks for support from Rajshri

According to online reports; Manish, Kriti and everyone else who feels Kartik is innocent will try to speak to him and make him speak out for his justice but he won’t listen to anyone. The big shock will arrive with a courier at Maheshwari house being delivered, the sender of which is apparently Akshara Singhania. Naira will ask Rajshri to support her while the rest of the Maheshwari family leaves Singhania house. Kartik on the other hand will fall ill in the prison as he has not eaten a morsel since he was arrested, this forces his parents Suvarna and Manish to visit him and give him medicines. In a weird turn of events Manish who is Kartik’s father and is shown as a egoist rich stylish business tycoon will be seen sitting down on the prison floor and holding his ill son in his hands.

Naira finds evidence which will prove Kartik's innocence

Amongst all this drama Naira will apparently find a crucial evidence will proves that Kartik is innocent. But for her to produce the evidence to the police and the officials, Kartik has to apply for re-investigation which is refuses to do and doesn’t sign the re-investigation papers as he is tired of the whole scenario.

Naira will someone take his signatures by hiding the papers and in a situation where no one else is supporting Naira, she will take help of Suvarna who is Kartik’s mother.

We will have to wait and watch as to how Kartik actually gets out of the prison and if Naira’s attempts to do so prove any fruitful. “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” airs on Star Plus Monday to Saturday 9.30 pm IST.