James Arthurs story sounds too good to be true, but in fact the 'Say you Won't Let Go' Singer "hit the self-destruct button" when he first found fame, as he felt too much pressure and wasnt "mentally in a good place."

James Arthur couldn't deal with the pressure

Arthur who won the British Casting Show "The X Factor" in 2012 quickly became very successful- maybe a bit too fast for the young man, who before uploaded his songs on platforms like 'Soundcloud' and 'Youtube'.

In an interview with the 'Billboard Magazine' the British Musician revealed: "I wasn't really mentally in a good place before I did 'The X Factor'.

" Then considering how much pressure a young musician or anybody in the spotlight has, dealing with fans, the media and the tough business in the Music industry, he added "The pressure got to me - I was having these bad anxiety attacks all the time."

He also shared that medication was his only way to save himself during that hard time of his life and fight his anxieties and other emotional break downs.

Time for a change for James Arthur

But what happened then? Finally his record label dropped him, which naturally was a huge wake up call.

He then realized that it was really time to change something and tried to connect again with his family and friends who he had lost contact with during his depression, which in fact is a typical syndrom of being depressed, cause all you feel like doing normally is to stay away from people.

Nowadays the handsome 28-year-old singer isn't worried too much anymore about falling back into his old patterns as he feels "more equipped to deal" with his fame now. He is ready to give up his addictions such as Marijuana and medication and just living each day with a positive attitude: " Now I'm trying to take each day at a time without looking too far ahead, which I think is a much better approach."

Another dream of Arthur is to dedicate more time to learn about acting.

Therefore he already had some of his tattoos removed.

His second record 'Back from the Edge' was released on 28th october 2016. His first Single 'Say You Won’t Let Go' quickly reached position 1 of the British Charts and stayed there for 3 weeks.

According to the latest news James Arthur is reportedly dueting with finalist Matt Terry (23), mentored by Pop-Star Nicole Scherzinger on Saturday's X Factor Show.