Given the leaks that appeared earlier this week, it should come as no surprise that the entirety of the latest chapter in Shingeki No Kyojin has now been leaked and roughly translated. You can read the entire thing along with a rough translation HERE. A few of the pictures will be available here but if you want the full experience, you should head over to Fukushuu's Tumblr page. 

A quick recap of the latest chapter,

Chapter 87 picks up right where 86 left off, with young Zeke turning his parents into the military. Because of the resistance movement they were involved in, Grisha, his Wife and many other members of the Eldian Resistance Group.

Grisha is tortured for information and then they are all brought to the wall that we were shown in the leaked images. 

Now after seeing his wife turned into a titan, Grisha is left to be tormented by Klaus alongside his friend Grise who is visibly upset with Grisha. Grise blames Grisha for everything that is happening, accusing Grisha of giving Zeke a poor upbringing and in turn being the cause of the current situation.

Grisha Recognizes the Officer tormenting them as the one that took his Sister and fed her to dogs when they were children. This infuriates Grisha and prompts him to simply ask why he would do such a thing and inquire as to how a man with children could do such a thing. He goes on to tell Grisha his reasoning for what he did.

By humanity being at peace for so long, humans began to lose their ambition to do great things.

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Violence is what Klaus believes humans need to propel them forward and give them the initiative to grow

The chapter ends with The Owl throwing Klaus to the titans and shows Grisha the true power of the titans and how to harness it. It appears that by cutting his hand he transformed into the titan that was shown destroying the boat. 

Erin, Armin, and Mikasa are briefly shown in their cells as Erin was experiencing Grishas memories from the notebook somehow. They are in the cells for breaking military code as expected and are likely to be released by the next issue.