“Shakti –Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki” has one major highlight since its very beginning, it is Preeto and Soumya's rivalry. The fact that Preeto hates Soumya is no news but latest online reports suggest that Preeto will have a change of heart and will go on to accept Soumya and Harman’s relationship. By far this is the most shocking twist on the show since Preeto is seen constantly planning and plotting and ensuring that Harman stays away from Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). While Preeto has always hated Soumya, Harman (Vivian Dsena) has always supported her no matter what the situation was.

But as expected a vamp never really changes on any Indian television show, she only changes her means of executing the evil she plans notoriously.

Preeto to fake approval of Harman and Soumya's relationship

According to online reports, the forthcoming episodes will show Harman taking care of Soumya by making breakfast for her. Preeto, as usual, will try to brainwash Harman by highlighting the fact that taking so much care of Soumya has resulted into his sleeplessness and has in turn affected his work productivity which is bad for everyone in the long run. But Harman will remain unaffected by Preeto’s antics yet again so this will result in Preeto taking a completely opposite road in order to tackle Soumya; she will fake that she has indeed accepted Soumya and Harman’s love for each other and is no more against their love.

Harman unaware of Preeto's antics

It will be during a morning aarti that Preeto will push Soumya towards Harman and encourage them to do the puja together thus hinting Harman that she has changed now. But all of it will be fake since Preeto will spike Soumya’s drama later on.This clearly proves that Preeto has not put her weapons down as yet, she has just hidden them from Soumya and Harman and will no more showcase her anger and disapproval openly but will only do so through her evil antics. “Shakti –Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki” produced by Rashmi Sharma airs on Colors TV Monday to Friday 8.00 pm IST.