The Flash has picked up pace, no pun intended, after a slow couple of episodes. The sixth episode of season three saw Wally tempted by Alchemy to join the dark side, Caitlyn realizing that her future might well lie fighting against her friends at S.T.A.R. Labs and the introduction of an apparent God of Speed - Savitar.

Plot Synopsis

Wally West is having dreams of being a speedster and people calling him 'Kid Flash' - yes, the same one that Barry met in the alternate timeline. The dreams followed Alchemy telepathically entering his mind and inviting Wally to join his team.

This causes Wally immense pain. Joe, unable to see his son suffer, hatches a plan to use this opportunity to stop Alchemy once and for all.

So Barry, Joe and a SWAT team use Wally to catch the mysterious Alchemy. Wally encounters Alchemy who once again offers him powers of a speedster but Wally turns against him. That's when Barry enters the fray and begins fighting Alchemy. But the latter uses The Philosopher's Stone that shoots powerful energy beams causing immense trouble for Barry. But Joe shoots Alchemy who drops The Philosopher's Stone.

"You have no idea what's about to begin," warns Alchemy before disappearing into the ground. The room starts to shake and a strange blue streak enters and starts killing everyone.

In the chaos, Wally picks up The Philosopher's Stone which was calling to him but gets encased in a cocoon instead.

Barry is in pursuit of the blue streak but as the episode comes to an end he gets pinned to the wall by a metallic hand. The face bears resemblance to a Decepticon from Transformers with glowing blue eyes and blue electricity surging through his body.

The figure introduces himself as Savitar - the God of Speed, before a blade manifests on his left knuckle. Cut to black.

Who is Savitar?

In the DC universe, Savitar is a former Cold War era pilot for a third world nation. One day while on a test run on a supersonic fighter jet, the aircraft is struck by what appeared to be lighting while at top speed.

He crashes into hostile territory and realizes that he could defeat enemies by moving at super speed.

He named himself after Savitr - the Hindu "God of Motion". He uncovered powers that no other speedster has ever done. His powers are considerably of a heightened level as compared to Barry. Savitar can 'give' speed or kinetic energy to objects and people alike. Even those at rest. He can heal from injuries almost instantly.

He is effectively the God of Speed in the DC universe with many other superhuman abilities and it will be interesting to see how Barry and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs deal with him. One thing is for certain, his introduction have made fans immensely excited.