So, Winter is coming and that means snuggling and staying in bed all day (Unless you go to school or work).

But for some people Videogaming is one of their favorite things to do in Winter, and I'm going to help you get the right Games for you to play!

  • Destiny: Ahhhh Destiny, Bungie's latest game and alsoNolan North is the voice of Ghost, your partner, just imagine Nathan Drake talking to you, when you play this game with some friends you enjoy it so much that the feeling is just unforgettable.Waking up and play some Videogames is one of the best feeling ever, but it is way better when you play with friends and Destiny is no exception to it, so buy it, level up, get yourself a team and play until you have to go back to bed.
  • SportsFriends: Winter = Thanksgiving & Christmas = Family = Fun.This game is sooo much fun with Family or friends. InChristmas or Thanksgiving, reuniting with your family can be boring if it involves just sitting in the living room, eating and talking, if that's your situation then just buy Sportsfriends and start playing it, you are going to have an awesome time playing with your loved ones and everyone is gonna be cracking some jokes and just laughing about it.
  • Any good horror game: Dark and cold nights are the best environment for a nice Horror game, if you have company or not it is still a nice enjoyable (and scary) time, of course, get yourself a blanket, your favorite snack and a nice beverage so you enjoy it the most that you can, here i'll leave you some nice horror games:
  • *Resident Evil
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • *Silent Hills
  • *Dead Space
  • Gang Beasts: Okay so maybe your friends or family are not into normal games for average people and probably they like games in which you have to beat each other to death ( Non graphic so even little kids can play it and have fun) well, then this is your game, this game is like a Fighting game but its meant to make you have a great time with your friends.

You can contact me via my PS4 ID, Facebook Page and my Blog, ill leave all the information below.