The Rawalpindi Express and Bollywood heartthrob Shoaib Akhtar and Cricket superstar Mohammad Yousuf celebrated the Opening Ceremony of the international law firm Kinetic Law; based in Phoenix Park in Blackburn, earlier this year. The ceremony took place in Blackburn, where clients and local businessmen and fans of the cricketing legends had gathered in anticipation of the Pakistani cricketing legends.


Kinetic Law LLC was established in 2016 and maintains a central office in Blackburn and various satellite offices across the UK. Offering specialist expert advice and legal services a national reach of its services and has established cooperations with other CMC’s and consulates in Pakistan, India and various other countries.

The Firm has extensive experience in dealing with all elements of Personal Injury from road traffic accidents to accidents at work. Alongside the Personal Injury department, a proficient Immigration department maintains close links with UK Home Office and the team will work with you hand in hand to ensure we get you the service you deserve, a key component to their success.

Brexit and the implications

During the opening ceremony, The Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar welcomed the new move and pointed out the importance of such efforts in the face of current highly competitive market conditions and the economic crisis that is 'Brexit'. And he went on to discuss the impact of Brexit and how it has affected investment from Pakistan & India in the UK.

He and Mohammed Yousuf discussed the impact of Brexit in length stating " If Britainleft theEU it would affect the EU as much as the UK, so they should both work together as a team to make this relationship work in some capacity ..... Investing in the Uk economy has always been a lucrative prospect but since the Brexit vote is has become unsettling and stable."

Mohammad Yousuf went on to say "one benefit has been the drop in the value of the pound, making the PAK Rupee travel that little bit further" and then went on thanked the staff at Kinetic Law and all the fans for the trust and support shown over the years.

During the ceremony shared some wonderful stories from the legends and their cricketing past citing the fight and character of the team as a virtue we should all adopt.

A tongue-in-cheek moment followed; Mohammad Yousuf became the first Test Cricketer to open the new website and being the first ever visitor to interact on the site. He was delighted with accolade and suggested this record would be held with the same prestige as the othersfrom his illustrious career.