The last update on ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ was a cute one which suggested that Kartik was going to propose to Naira in Switzerland. The reports were true and Kartik will propose but Naira will reject his proposal as she is confused and this will lead Kartik’s decision to alienate himself from Naira. Looks like Kartik's 'DDLJ' style proposal did not work after all. The younger generation on the show is fairly real and confused on many matters unlike the elders who are all sorted out about their stands on situations which exactly causes a lot of troubles between them.Kartik and Naira have always been a bit confused about their relationship and this twist only pushes the mystery about their love story further.

Kartik avoidsNaira to make her realize her true feelings

"Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai"has been one of the longest running shows of Star Plusnow and has never disappointed its fans, even after the male lead actor Karan Mehra left the show the makers have beautifully continued the character with a new actor Vishal Singh. But the new twist where Kartik will be seen avoiding Naira will not only disappoint their fans who have even named the onscreen couple as ‘Kaira’. Kartik’s thought behind avoiding Naira is that him being away will make her realize her true feelings for Kartik. According to online reports Naira will try to stop Kartik from quitting the Maheshwari job but Kartik will question her by asking how and why his presence or absence matters to her.

Naira apparently will still be in the confused zone and answer nothing which leads to Kartik finally leaving his job at Maheshwari just because of Naira.

Karthi and Naira to shake up the family ties yet again

Will Kartik’s idea to clear out Naira’s confusion work or backfire? Will the Maheswari family forgive him for leaving the job?.

We will have to wait and watch if Naira realizes her love for Kartik and confesses the same in time before Kartik falls out of love. It will also be interesting to watch how the Singhanias and the Maheshwaris react to Kartik’s sudden exit from Maheshwari Group of Companies.

"Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" airs on Star Plus from Monday to Friday 9.30 pm ISD.