It is always difficult to meet the rising expectations from a new season for a show which was a cult and that seems to have happened with "Naagin Season 2". Seems like the makers were so infatuated with the idea of providing the audiences with everything they loved in Season 1 with atwist that they ended up repeating many of the epic scenes from Season 1 leading to disappointment.

Shivangi and Shivanya light up season 2 but story falls flat

The second season began with a chase scene where a few people were seen chasing Rithik and Shivanya. Next, Shivanya loses control and trips.

Rithik then takes her to a hospital whereshe delivers a baby girl. The fact that Shivanya delivers a baby girl just 3 months into her pregnancy shocks her; the movie "Twilight"seems to have been an inspiration behind the early child birth plot. This makesShivanya wonder if the girl is a normal girl or a Naagin like her.

This was followed by a leap of over 24 years. Shivanya and Shivanya’s daughter Shivangi both the roles are essayed by Mouni Roy. It is a Mahakaal Raat, a night when all snakes take human form and gather together. The story moves ahead with Shivanya trying to confirm that Shivangi is not a Naagin and then pleading for her daughter to have a normal human life once she realizes that Shivangi is in fact a Naagin just like her.

Mouni Roy steals the show in 'Naagin 2'

The best thing about "Naagin 2" is definitely Mouni Roy. She nailed it as Shivanya and Shivangi and plays both characters with utmost ease. This is commendable because Shivanya and Shivangi are opposites not only age wise but also with regards to their persona; Shivanya is calm and composed while Shivangi being the younger one is full of energy.

The new entrant Karanvir Bohra looks good with Shivangi but unfortunately his chemistry is not as explosive as Arjun Bijlani and Mouni Roy’s was as Rithik and Shivanya. Though the story line is a letdown, the other characters played by Sudha Chandran and Adaa Khan are a delight to watch. Loopholes like no reason being shown behind Rithik’s death and the unexplained Sesha’s escape are a few of the things which did not let "Naagin 2" live up to the expectations.

All in all for now we can say that "Naagin 2" needs to pump up the story line and make it as exciting as "Naagin 1" withoutcopying the "Naagin season 1."