The anxiety man feels within by the absence of something pleasurable when present is what we call 'Desire'.

Being 17's main theme is the tension, the desire that one human being feels for another. But is this sexual tension mutual? The LGBT representation in movies is becoming more natural and realistic.

After cinematic masterpieces such as "Brokeback Mountain"," A Single Man", "Carol", the most common stereotypes are slowly disappearing and being replaced by incredible new takes on these themes. "Being 17" is capable of telling us a story of love, sexuality and self-discovery with such an unique and realistic vision that contributed to my captivation of this movie.

'Being 17' Story

Being 17 tells the story of two teenagers that live on the Pyrenees mountains. They are not getting along and their physical fights attract the attention of teachers and the principal. This tension is ambiguous: why does Thomas hate Damien? Is this repulsion hiding something else? The story will reveal these guys' interior turmoils.

An incredible chemistry between two relatable characters

One of the strongest and most distinctive aspects of Being 17 is the unique emphatic connection you can feel for these characters. In addition, the chemistry between the main actors, Kacey Mottet Klein and Corentin Filaisoutstanding. They are perfectly casted. I really enjoyed Damien's mother as well, she is a parent who answers to his son's coming out: "what's to say?" What else do we actually need to say about her?

Téchiné expresses his vision through looks, and a strong physicality. Like in real life, words usually don't correspond to the body language and the moviedevelops its story on this psychological aspect. The incredible talent of these young actorsand the magnetic vision of the director make you perceive so many layers of these characters.

'Being 17' Trailer:

Being 17 is a must-see and is part of the London Film Festival line-up.

Have a look at the trailer:

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